Change Bizum bringing news to BBVA and Santander customers

Although cash is still the main form of payment in Spain, especially in small businesses and micropayments, the Bizum platform It continues to grow and is a favorite for its ease of use. BBVA and Banco Santander customers can now appreciate it Some news on the platform.

According to the data provided by the platform itself, there are more than 23 million active users in our country. The application is used to pay various types of expenses shared between friends, but also to pay for the products of some companies that have activated this possibility.

This is where the change in both entities comes in, as both have reported. Specifically, it consists of making files available Register and “log in” to shops and suppliers of online services. BBVA knows that this new functionality aims to make purchases more flexible, simple and secure.

It is a “digital identifier that allows users to register for and access websites No keys needed Just with your phone number and your bank’s app,” Bizum explains in a statement.

How it works and how to use Bizum News

To use this new functionality, users just have to enter any of the affiliate services and click on “Access with Bizum”. So, they must Enter a phone number They will receive a notification from their bank to confirm the registration. From now on, you will be able to access the account and perform the corresponding actions.

The purpose of the platform change

The goal is Remove the hassle of managing multiple passwords For different websites, as well as greater control over personal data because, according to the entities that have already agreed to this novelty, they reduce the information that is shared with third parties. Management is allowed data transfer consents And it makes it easy to link to pay with Bizum at said stores,” they explain.

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In this way, they assure Bizum that he new formula that benefits both users and businesses across the Internet. To the former to protect their data because the information comes directly from the bank. within seconds to order Improve user experience Promote the growth of electronic sales.

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