Champions League: The “Rico Rico” record that Luis stole from Benzema in the Champions League

Rich Mark Lewis (Perry, 21-1-2004) In the victory over Seville (3-1), I achieved the dream I had been waiting for ever since, At the age of eight, he joined Manchester City Academy.

Wild youth “Celeste” -He can also play in the middle or as a midfielder- He took advantage of Julen Alvarez’s pass after a heavy loss by Julen Alvarez to He shot Bono and put 1-1 that ignited City’s comeback.

Rico Luis goal (1-1) against Manchester City 3-1 Sevilla

A goal accompanied by a record “Rico Rico”. Louis (17 years 346 days)who made his debut in both the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, Benzema deposed (17 years 352 days) And become the player The youngest player to score in his debut in the history of the Champions League.

“Playing and scoring is a dream come true, but It is only the first step. This would whet your appetite.”Martin Keown, former Arsenal captain, said:

Playing and scoring is a dream come true, but it’s only the first step. This will whet your appetite

Martin Keown

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola is happy with Rico Luis. “He is very smart… It has earned him a warm welcome from everyone. I played really well,” he said, referring to the moment he left his place for Cancelo in the 85th minute.

He’s so clever… He won everyone to say goodbye to a standing ovation.

Pep Guardiola

Lewis’ primary role against Seville was no accident. “Here we don’t give anything to anyone. From day one of pre-season we knew this boy had something special. We know we can trust him 100%,” Guardiola admits.

We are not here to give anything to anyone. From day one of pre-season we knew this boy had something special

Pep Guardiola

The Manchester City manager does not hesitate to list Lewis’s virtues: “He has room for improvement, but he is an aggressive defensive one. Now, with the ball, it’s so good, From inside and outside. He has one-on-one, crosses and finishes well.”

The little winger – at 1.69m – earned a place in Guardiola’s plans thanks to an injury Kyle Walker. Merit, anyway, he did more than enough: heLast season, he won the Premier League title by 18 years and was named the best player in his team.

His mirror is Cancelo. “He has my style similar to mine,” he says. Rico Luis’ goal now is to establish himself with the first team. “Signing a defense back is very expensive. Our dream is to give a chance to someone from the quarry. Lewis works every day to improve. Now it’s up to him.” Babe concludes.

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