Champions League: ‘The Beast’ day: Haaland wants the Champions League…and the Ballon d’Or

heHalland’s cometravaged its way through Manchester. In his first season at Al-Ittihad – he arrived a year ago from Dortmund for 60 kilos – Broke all records.

City’s ‘9’, a recent arrival, became it The fastest player to score 10 goals in the history of the Premier League: I needed only 6 games. His 36 league goals allowed him Setting a new record under Premier format: 34 are gone by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer. He had previously defeated Kevin Phillips (30) as the rookie with the most goals. “When I score a goal, I just think about scoring another,” he says.

His impressive “hit” came in Europe, with a “rpoker” against Leipzig (7-0) in the round of 16. Only Messi and Luiz Adriano can boast of having scored five goals in a Champions League match. To make matters worse, the Norwegian scored five goals with the first touch in just 38 minutes.

Haaland makes history in the Champions League: five goals from the first touch… in 38 minutes!

He had time to spare. So much so that Guardiola replaced him in the 63rd minute.“It should be one more reason to beat Messi’s record. If he achieves these records at 22 or 23, his life will be boring,” Pep said. No one needed a few games (25) to score 30 goals – he already has 35 – in the Champions League. Cristiano already sees his record in jeopardy (140).

He lost the Super Cup at the beginning of the tournament and the League Cup in the middle, but he redeemed himself by winning the league and cup with City. He was crowned with the Golden Boot, top scorer in the Premier League and will also be in Europe. He only has two dreams left to achieve and they can go hand in hand: the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.”The Norwegian warns of a great year, but we still have work to do.”

Erling Haaland: “Manchester City won every possible trophy except the Champions League without an M”YOUTUBE

“If they beat Inter, they will become a serious candidate for the Ballon d’Or. Haaland is an extraordinary footballer. In front of the goal is unique,” ​​says 1987 tournament winner Ruud Gullit.

“It’s a debate between Messi and the champion of champions. If Haaland wins it, it will have to be brought up for discussion. If not, I’ll give it to Liu.” Bernardo Silva admitted before eliminating Madrid.

Brutal effect

Haaland exceeded all expectations. “I did not expect him to come and score 52 goals. In terms of numbers, he is at the level of Messi and Cristiano,” Guardiola admits. “It was the best season of my career. I was expecting to do well, but not very well.” “I don’t feel like I’m the most valuable player in the world,” admits Haaland, who, however, keeps his feet on the ground.

Guardiola on Haaland’s “magic potion”: “I drink it too and don’t score 50 goals”APP VIDEO

Such was his influence that he forced City to rehabilitate his style. “He changed a bit to take advantage of Haaland’s qualities, but that’s normal. When you have a circulation problem, you have an extra to send watermelon to and turn it into a goalie. With Erling, colloquially, you have a free goal. His signing has been a success, but I refuse to be told the city is Haaland because it’s more than that,” says former Guardiola assistant Dominic Torrent. “The style is determined by the players. If you have Haaland, how can you not take advantage of him?”Pep says.

Guardiola: “If we have Haaland, how can we not benefit from him, we will play for him”YOUTUBE

Opta, back in April, made brutal statements. Haaland was the top player with the lowest percentage of touches of his team (3.3%). However, he was involved in 45.2% of the goals. And we must add eight assists to his 36 goals in the league. Let Inter prepare. The day of the beast has come.

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