Champions League: It should be the pride of any country: the best coach in history is the Spaniard

If it is a matter of beauty, his football hardly admits comparison. If for effectiveness, even less, because it really is The second most title-winning coach with only 14 years of experience. There is no greater winner than Guardiola. If by influence, you just have to see the admiration he and his “imitators” arouse. Guardiola, finally, Best coach ever. Or at least there are reasons for p

This is to think about. What should be a reason for pride, to brag that a Spaniard is the best at what he does, as happens with other national athletes, here it becomes “hate”

Mainly because of his football past.

and in some cases also for their political ideas. Guardiola is the only coach to be credited with losing the Champions League.

It’s not like I won three

a number only surpassed by Ancelotti,

Is that he stopped winning eleven

. It is a unique case in the history of football. This requirement also indicates that even to his detractors he is the best. No coach has turned his teams into hammers on a daily basis like Guardiola did. had won

Eleven leagues in fourteen years

, Rivalry against Real Madrid or against Liverpool led by Klopp. Being a fan of a team coached by Guardiola ensures you have fun almost every three days. But for a section of the Spanish fans and press, he is a false modesty who has not won the Champions League away from Messi. Now change the story: he doesn’t win the Champions League without Messi or Haaland. And do not breathe and do not fly.

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Bah, that’s not good


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