Champions League: Conte: “I heard bad news, I overestimated my body, but now I feel good”

AndThe announcement that Antonio Conte underwent gallbladder surgeryHe hit World Football wrong. After being diagnosed with cholecystitis, he will undergo surgery To remove gallbladder and Returning to work after a period of recovery. Spurs announced on February 1.

Conte, who has already recovered, faces the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 Against Milan with hope For the 1-0 turn he brought from Giuseppe Meazza: “Now I’m back and I’m happy. We want to go further. If they asked me if I wanted to win the Champions League, I would say yes, but there is a fact. You have to go game by game.”

The former Inter and Juventus celebrate, above all, his return: “I underestimated my post-operative journey and wanted to return as soon as possible because of my sense of responsibility. I think I overestimated my body: Now I am fine and have my energy back. I have to gain weight again, but other than that I feel good.”

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The Tottenham boss explains the ins and outs of his intervention: “After the operation I found out that many of my friends had the same operation. The difference is that in my case it was an emergency and unplanned surgery. You hear a lot of bad news and when they told me I had to have an operation I was happy, You never know what could happen.”

When they told me I just had to have surgery I was happy, you never know what could happen

Anthony Conte

Conte, yes, praises the work that Tottenham did in his absence. “They did a great job, it’s not easy for the players to go three weeks without a coach. I tried to be close to them even from afar, using video calls, but being close is a completely different matter. For me, it’s important to be able to work with the players and the coaching staff to prepare matches in the best possible way.

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