Cepyme demands a “change of course” with businesses for the government coming out of the 23J elections

“It is imperative that the government that comes out of the polls on the 23rd of polling changes course.” That’s how obvious it is Gerardo Cuerva, President of the Spanish Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (Cepyme), at the General Assembly of the organization. A word of defense for companies after the recent times they were “left and abused, when they are not being reviled,” referring to CEO Pedro Sanchez.

“It is impossible for Spain to grow and be competitive – which is the real challenge for our country – if it is its government that attacks companies, implements interventionist policies, imposes expropriatory taxes or limits the freedom of business itself,” he said. from the employer. Likewise, he has criticized that “even an election campaign does not justify judging by the rate of occurrence, and approving actions of all kinds, without debate, in Combined Royal Decreeor suggesting more popular decisions than the previous ones: whether they are observatories for benefits or universal payments ».

Specifically about the Business Margins Observatory, which was promoted by the government to assess corporate profits, with the support of unions, the crow He said with special enthusiasm: «The observatory is malicious because it is stigmatized by obtaining benefits; In these circumstances, I wonder who will establish companies and how will we attract investment? And I wonder how we’re going to fund innovation, job creation, and entrepreneurship, when the same government has decided to monitor the benefits and decide how much or how little the benefits are.

However, Cuerva went further by noting that “the Spanish companies may have suffered one of the most difficult periods in Spain’s recent history”. For example, he not only introduced inflation, but also increased it SMIrising prices … which in his opinion “has done nothing but harm the normal functioning of the companies”.

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Moreover, the President of Cepyme appreciated the contribution of companies to the Spanish economy and defended the group that represents: «The Company defense It demands a defense of the freedom of business, the free market, the freedom to generate benefits and determine their use, and the freedom to establish ourselves in the territory we consider without regulations stifling us.”

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