Censorship in the Region of Murcia | They stopped Rocío Saiz’s concert at LGTBI Pride to show off the breasts

singer Rocio Saez He denounced on social networks that during his performance in celebration LGBTI + Pride From Murcia, his show was stopped by the police after he took off his shirt in one of his songs. The singer recounted, “They wouldn’t let me go on if I didn’t get dressed. Either I had my shirt on or I was handcuffed.” Sayez recalls that she had been showing off her breasts in the same song for “ten years”. In a video posted on Twitter, you can see how members of the event organization ask her to dress again, and they drape her in a rainbow flag to cover her breasts.

After warning the agents I decided to wear the dress And ending the concert “out of respect for the audience, and when I got off, the national police officer asked me for my documents,” the singer recalled,

At that moment, the public and the organization interceded between the police and the singer: “Many and Ay – Saiz’s companions – were not allowed into the dressing room because of our things if they did not speak with the inspector. coercion book. Obviously, I refused.”

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The singer said that an “inspector” went to look for her on the street to handcuff her, She told him that he had “broken I don’t know how many laws” and that he would open them up Police report. As the singer pointed out, the agent accused her of not knowing what “work” was because she “definitely never worked.”

After sharing the incident, Saez also commented through his networks that the laws for which the police report would arrive and which he supposedly violated were her. Exaltation of order, show-off, and contempt for authority. And suppose that homosexuality and zombies and thugs who become active again.

Saez asked the agent if he would report her If it was a man: “He answered me emphatically no. Because if a man does it, it is not illegal.” The singer asserted that she is “closer to quitting music. To stop exposing my body and just quit everything. Because I don’t deserve it.”

“dangerous situation”

Sergio Ramos, Morcian’s attorney and former advisor to Murcia City Hall who was present during the altercation, noted in statements to La Opinión de Murcia, of the Grupo Prensa Ibérica, that cultural performances “are not subject to municipal ordinances” such as those that regulate the parade. “He is Legal and political madness: in the museum or in the cinema you have nudes everywhere. The technical translation is not organized in the same way.” The lawyer pointed out that if there is any problem with the agents on the show, the responsibility lies with the City Council of Murcia, that is, the organizers.

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He added, “It makes no sense that in the middle of the party, the police scolded the singer and created a dangerous situation in the presence of about a thousand people and about six policemen.” If the situation got worse, Ramos noted, the national police should have been called in, and the local agents should have been called in “JUMPING THEIR COMPETITIONS”. The lawyer expressed his solidarity with the singer on social media and offered assistance at the judicial level. “I hope that Murcia Local Police Open an investigation and punish the agent responsible for this unjustified act.

Another similar incident

This is the second time that Rocío Saez has been involved in the same controversy in the region. The first was at the 2018 B-Side Festival, held in Molina de Segura. Disclosure that year also caused a wave of indignation in the local PP, who invited her“Disrespectful and sexy show”. At the time, Say’s group, Las Chiller, advocated that “nobody cares about men playing naked, or men using women as sex objects on stage.”

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