Censorship and Barbarism: The Carpeted Room by Roald Dahl

That girl, born in 1973, reads day and night. When they slept in the house, so as not to make noise, she made a rug with books and moved from her bed to the bookshelf, jumping barefoot on the volumes showing the floor. His acrobatics had a harmless goal, to find his books on the other side of his path between the pillow and the bookcase. Roald Dahl. Yellow covers, drawings that drew her in even in the subtle darkness, literature that led her to more literature.

At that time, around 1985, there was no censorship in Spain anymore, quite the opposite, to say it in a cliché style seemed barbaric, because in relative terms almost everything was much more liberal than in these times, when He tends to review so as not to disturb those watching what can be said Or what is not permitted by the estimate of cancellation and what is wrong.

This ensemble that adorned the floor of a girl who was already a teenager was devised by a German freethinker relocated to Latin America who was associated with Alfaguara to Jaime Salinas To combat the inertia of reading in Spain at the time, heir stories Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf forced by the Franco regime.

that woman, Michie Straussfeld, attracted the moral commitments of postwar Europe. Thus he translated and explained the great myths of children’s and young adult literature that characterized adolescent readings in the most developed countries. And Spain began to walk like a girl who enjoys reading, following the path of her books like a carpet.

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It was a quiet revolution in which, of course, Roald Dahl stood out. Which a teenager was looking for in 1985 when the rest of the house was asleep from the consequences of the late nights. By the way, the nights were, it seems to me, less refined than now, when almost everything seems suspicious of this, that and everything.

There were other authors, all tucked away in those core covers, but that was the mantra of the readings, Matilda The most popular among the searches. It must be said that at that time neither children nor parents had access, as now, to abstracts of works, and It used to be that boys became hand-readers for their parents. They even created their own libraries, their paperbacks and fiction books, with the words they were written in so that the future of the fables would remain the same, without the abstracts that are now googled denigrating and delighting in the passion for reading. Sloths, boys, teens or adults.

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Many atrocities have been committed against reading (books, newspapers), and now it is said that reading seems to be the same thing, and the rush to reading is called reading. The misguided tax of tyrannical censorship brought from London the idea that the concepts and vocabulary of children’s books (children’s books) could be so varied that the disastrous mania of deletion could shine forth.

Chaos on demand Destruction as a substitute for creation. That catastrophe that comes from London looks at the pruning-shears, for instance, as to what it means to that set which aroused the passionate reading of a girl who at that time obeyed no other instruction than that which prompted her to make the rug her way. life. Freedom.

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