Catholic churches in Cuba ran out of hosts due to a lack of flour

The Catholic Congregation of the Divided Carmelite Nuns of Havana (Cuba) informed parish communities in the country on Wednesday that Lack of families due to lack of floura deficit that affected the entire nation for several months.

“Praise Jesus Christ! We all know the parishes that there are no longer any hosts to sell. We have been working with a little flour left and What was in reserve is over», identifies the document being shared via the Vida Cristiana platform.

The congregation also told that they hope to be able to “resume work” soon, and that they will report as soon as “we have enough to distribute to all parishes”.

Catholics, the majority in Cuba

The Catholic religion – including its syncretic versions – is the most widely practiced on the island, despite the fact that after the Castro brothers came to power in 1959, it passed Long period of harassment. Towards the 1990s, restrictions on religion waned and began to take back places. But not in the spirit of last year, as it was heavily influenced by one-party politics and the economic crisis.

The institution is not registered in the Associations Register of the Ministry of Justice, which is a necessary condition for official recognition. Father Lester Rafael Zias Diaz, pastor of the Iglesia de Línea y C Church, in Havana, explained to the ABC that The Catholic Church is not registered in this official registry “Because it does not and cannot fulfill the requirements required by the ruling party, for example, to provide a list of all its members.”

This increases the difficulties faced by the religious establishment, as it prevents it from obtaining certain benefits, such as importing or marketing. “Added to this constant repression Or the brakes that the Cuban state has permanently applied against the Church, playing the game of “If you behave well I reward you, If you behave badly, I punish you.” needy.”

There is no bread even in state institutions

In recent months, the economic crisis on the island has worsened, which is evidenced by the lack of medicine, fuel and food, such as flour. Several provinces in the country have reported shortages of this grain, leading to disruptions in the supply of various basic necessities, including bread. Even state institutions that sell organized bread to the population (Daily bread for everyone), lacking regular supplies. Private institutions are the hardest hit. All this generates long queues and excessive prices.

Cuban system Blames the US “blockade” Of the difficulties in the supply of flour: «The roots of the current crisis are due to the economic blockade imposed by the US embargo, to which is added the distance from where wheat must be imported, and the increase in prices per ton of the product, and the official media Agencia Cubana de Noticias said last September, that The increase in the freight of vessels carrying it.

“Cuba is a failed state, which leads us to such trivial levels as the lack of hosts, because nothing works here”

Father Lester

Parish Priest in Havana

But Father Lester points out that the real cause of this serious crisis is that Cuba ‘failed state’ And “this takes us to negligible levels such as the lack of hosts due to the lack of flour in the country, and the explanation is that nothing works in Cuba.”

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