Catalan Rumba | The documentary ‘El Ventilador’ pushes the nomination of the Catalan rumba for the Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Catalan rumba nomination for UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity Gaining momentum with the premiere of the documentary fan on TVs Xarxa local audiovisual (Saturday, June 24) In 1 (Sunday, June 25). The Catalan defense platform Rumba plans to hand over the audiovisual file and the file that will support the candidacy to the Generalitat in September, which will then be passed on to the government, the director from that moment on from the start of the initiative. Step by Step. At the moment, the film makes strong arguments so that the massive urban rhythm of Barcelona, ​​with extensions in Lleida and the south of France, achieves its goal.

fanDirected by Neos Sala interviews About thirty representatives of the past, present and future of Catalan rumba, as well as artists from the pop orbit who have influenced it, and Invaluable footage from the RTVE archives.

Jose Amaya steals the movie

About the first is known Manolos Antonio Gonzalez Fishermanand Peret and Gato Perez as Chuck Berry or James Brown, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan of the Catalan rumba, respectively. Lolita Flores points out that her mother, Lola Flores, was a very good artist before getting married and working with her Fishermanbut that with him it became “much better.” It doesn’t hurt for Lolita to give in to PierretteHe had a “knack for publicity” and made “something huge that was small,” he says. Jose Amaya half AmayasHe attributes his high, clean vocal range to a testicular problem. Amadeo Valente, son of a pianist and singer Chacho and the nucleus of the Catalan rumba platform with Secos Carbonell (Sabor de Gracia) and Rosa Popil (Peret’s daughter), he recalls that his father astonished the teachers of Liceu because of his “distinguished ear” and indiscipline. Ojos de Brujo, Estopa, Joan Garriga, Macaco, and La Pegatina They confess their debt to the Catalan rumba.

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super file

however, It is the historical images that recede Giving a real dimension to the strength of the Catalan rumba. Burt Supernatural. We see him in a 1974 performance, sounding like the godfather of rumba, and venturing like a hurricane, interpreting my friend, a song about his father drops the singer-songwriter’s lofty notion, as his father was excited in the audience. We see him in the 1980s, after he quits popular music to give himself up to preaching Evangelical worship, singing: “Christ has power / Christ has power / Jesus Christ is powerful / Jesus Christ has power.” Same melody and same lyrics, with “ella” and “Barcelona” instead of “Christ” and “Jesus Christ,” you’ll become One of the two to refrain from Gypsy witchHis anthem for the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games. Be warned: two choruses, and which one is fiercer.

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alliance Maruga Garrido with Salvador DaliMad Rumba three At the Sopot International Song Festival (Poland) in 1978, which the group won, the drug tête a tête between Dolores Vargas earthquake and Lauren Shutter In a program sing They also score high.

Always in UVI

Describe the patient who always survives UV rays Manolos Catalan rumba in fan. Gipsy was born with Cuban and American injections at an unspecified time in the 1950s. She weaved together disparate influences to become the successful rhythmic pop of the 1960s and 1970s, Without losing the essence of ghetto music along the way, in the best senses. It was swept away by Rumba Kinky in the 1980’s Perez cat Gave her a literary excursion (we insist: they were really for literary jewels my friend also the living dead, for both Peret) and the most prominent Latin fusion factor. It was revived for one day in Barcelona ’92. Since then she has had regents, led by Sabor de Gracia, and she appears here and there as a member of such successful artists as Ojos de Brujo, Estopa, Macaco, Joan Garriga and La Pegatina.

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