Catalan | Back to the trenches in the Balearic Islands and Valencia?

The electoral reversal of 28-M in the Balearic Islands and Valencian communities can be seen from as far as Eixample or Empordà, but it is not exempt from the consequences in the field of Catalan languagewhere the market of 7.5 million is not the same as the market of nearly 14. “We are in mourning, I am greeted, wryly but anxiously, by Joan Gregory, President of the Musical Federation of Valencia, who despite everything repeats aloud that we must “try to avoid ideological prejudices & rdquor;”.

The omen of rare times these days is evident in many hadiths. Every time he sends sdo not call us to go to work & rdquo;, Yanni Monogos, director of Maria del Mar Bonet, explains it bluntly to me, referring to public theaters such as The Principal in Palma, the one in Valencia or the Auditori de Castelló. “I expect a return to the college circuit.” My handy refuge when they come badly, as Raimon knows all too well.

More worrying is no longer the return of PP per se, however Group it with that named asteroid vox. Unguaranteed additive everywhere and ends up being weighed according to the 23-J result. But it is feared that if Feijóo arrives at Moncloa arm in arm with Abascal, the politics of alliances could become general and with it an uncomplicated spirit of vindictiveness. “This danger exists, and it could wreak havoc if Vox demands education or culture, attacking anything that looks like it Catalan”, Fanny Tour, who was a ‘consultant’ on Balearic culture between 2017 and 2019, warned me.

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It is feared that the circuits and cuts in theaters and public halls will be neglected, an ecosystem that, in the case of Valencia, has been able to consolidate after Eight years of efforts to weave a stable dialogue. “We are not just talking about culture in Catalan, but about culture in general,” says Gregory, who was director of the music fair Trofam and who appreciates official assistance because it corresponds to specific demands from the sector.

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in Balearicsalso in danger (classic) belonging to the Ramon Llule Institute, and the health of the Symphony Orchestra, which will soon have its own headquarters. And with PP + Vox, it is difficult to imagine any Fuster like the one that allied the Catalan government with the Valencian Islands and the Balearic Islands.

There is no perfect government however Inhibitions in electoral appointments have consequences, And those who now propagate the abstentionist tune in Catalonia, and recoil at the idea that one government is the same as another, would do well to look a little farther, towards the south and out to sea.

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