Carriers accuse shippers of breaching loading and unloading law and reactivating threat of new strikes

Antonio Ramirez Cerezo

Small carriers that put the entire country on strike in March are threatening new mobilizations. The National Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector issued a statement, on Tuesday, accusing the distribution of not complying with the Royal Decree Law 14/2022, which prohibits paying less than the cost to the driver. The rule approved by the government in August that specifically served to halt warnings of new strikes in the Strip. But only two months later, that possibility is back on the table.

Self-employed truck drivers guarantee this Management is negative When checking shippers’ compliance with the law. A commitment they confirm that they initiated from the Ministry of Transport during the drafting of the text. In this sense, they refer to the Deputy Director General of Transport Inspection on charges of “acquitting the Civil Guard from oversight, reporting a breach of the consignment data breach, and taking care of the invitations to appear there where it violates the loading and unloading law.”

Therefore, given the “gravity of the situation” and the “shippers’ situation”, the national platform for the defense of the transport sector is again threatening a new indefinite strike at the national level. The National Council held the rules on October 29 and “after the meeting, carriers will be informed of the next steps to follow,” the association says.

Truck drivers’ strikes called by the same association in March caused an uproar due to violent sit-downs and supply problems with even basic products. In the first week alone, losses in the entire agri-food chain exceeded 600 million euros, to which were added the numerous damages to companies in the sector due to acts of sabotage.

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