Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Sheki, drag queen of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2023

Withdraw my check Coronation of the drag queen of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2023 with her vocal art in the style of Monserrat Caballé, and they accompany her on the throne Drag moderationfirst runner-up. Pull Acruxthe seconds pass quickly; Drag your throw, the third runner-up. And Drag Yeshia Tismafourth final.

David Batista with his own design, Mace made his third Finals with the Show The weight of the live voice this year does not sing alone, but accompanies itSponsored by Sabina Perfumeries. Mace for which the outgoing Drag Vulcano fought with Mayor Augusto Hidalgo jokingly minutes before the final verdict. The night marked the party’s 25th anniversary. Journalist Roberto Herrera – again – and Kiko Barroso – at the premiere – hosted the party with actress Lorena Castel and singer and musician Sharon. Solvent though with a few hints of humor.

In front of the park crowded like a few times, someone lined up in front of the fence gate since the early afternoon, and started Drag Queen Concert for the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2023The most anticipated carnival party ever An international party of tourist interest. The show, conducted by Israel Reyes, was funky for the disco, very similar to the one at the Queen’s Gala a week earlier, The extra cast was precisely the new Carnival ballpark.

So, Lorena Castle arrived on a white horseJust as Bianca Jagger did in Studio 54 during the New York nightclub opening in 1977—a week earlier, Daniela Medina, queen of Carnival 2022, did the same. Journalists Kiko Barroso and Roberto Herrera appeared inside cans of the legendary Andy Warholl Campbell Tomato. As a novelty, Michael Jackson – though more ’80s King of Pop – stopped by to give Sharon the go-to.

on the beat YMCA From the Village People, Santa Catalina Park has given entry to the winners of the contest’s 25-year history as a tribute to this quarter-century. They did so accompanied by the members of the Araguemé Division. Drag ni Romeo ni Julia and Grimassira Maeva were absent; In addition to Ramón Santana, Drag Mandragora, who died in 2014.

Screensaver of Carlos Vives

Screensavers are back in the Santa Catalina dBGs, just as they did in the February 10 ad, to the beat of Fever night. Coincidentally, the mayor, Augusto Hidalgo, wore the same outfit, a fantasy to which he added a lush afro wig. For her part, the carnival advisor for the development of the city accompanied the artist, Carlos Vives, the star of the Sunday Carnival during the day during the evening.

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The first block

Drag Perseo, a Santa Catalina rookie, opened the first group of favorites. It came out of a shark’s mouth with a beat Sharks With some dancers taken from the bottom of the sea. He combined techno with reggaeton in a cascade of water, fire, air and earth, in particular The kingdom of the four elementsHis fantasy title, designed by Daniel Palmis. Performance with cheerful music even though the show was all paintings.

From Lanzarote, the cyclist of Avalon climbed the Santa Catalina with oriental skies My vision of the worldBy Danny Vieira and Oswaldo Cabrera. Based on Latin dance and music, energetic performances and sophisticated headpieces with exquisite detail. The Sultan became a part-time partisan princess.

It’s time for another newcomer to the capital’s drag party, Drag La Tacones. under the premise, But what is this circus? By Nancy Henriquez Gonzalez, he appeared as a circus manager among some different monsters, lions and elephants, his dancers really, from He escaped from the cages of the circus after his release. A colorful show is marked with changing costumes and a touch of humor.

Drag Yeshia Tisma spared no headgear. He started with a giant false wig from a classic haircut Taba was not dead before, my heaven! The former tapa of the former parrandaby Zoilo Garcia. This feathered historical drag, which cannot be missing as she herself states, draws high heels and references as a tribute to the sights of recent years – Chuchi, La Tullida, Grimassira and Sethlas-. Thrown directly into the city’s development because of the “whores” the rats demand.

real like Nightmare before carnivalThe fifth show of the night, Echo Dragging the Ghost Rider, was directed by Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean and techno music. With choreography by Aitana Morales, Joanna Rosa Alvarado and Sara Aguinaga, he demonstrated the LGTBI group’s rights vision with a very lively cadilla with a dance beat.

Transforming into Peter Pan, he introduced Drag Equinox Beware of trapBy Aran Perdomo and Nestor Santana. As he was haunted by his shadow, with a touch of the most authentic and rhythmic electronic music, Neverland gave way among the fairy dust he tried to fly. Highly ornate acrobats and headdresses. Among those who managed to hike Santa Catalina Park the most.

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Drag Boydevil, one of the ceremony’s historic stars, closed out the first group of nominees. Among the clouds in the land of the gods give way to him The last temple of hedonismBy Dimas Trujillo. Doric, Ionic, Corinthian exposition gave way to an orgy of moans that heated the atmosphere. With a touch of humor, Boydevil’s special Aphrodite becomes more of a warrior and dragging electronic devices Ancient.

After a new set of tales, the party resumed its rhythm with Drag Hefesto. Long eyelashes drag queen He stepped onto the stage and the force transformed into an alien. In fact, it was his imagination I gasped at the sight of humans and a little humanity!Written by Laura Gonzalez and Fabiola Benatt. He emerged from inside a strange egg with a super moving dance band, full electronic beats.

The second block

It’s time for another contestant warrior, Drag Kinegua. of the greats tarantuladesigned by Hassan Tejera Alonso and Elva García, became La Veneno., recalling the famous interview they had with a woman from Almeria while she was on the street. Greetings to the passing congregation and the message “Canarias Orgullosa” in the background. Isabel Torres – who passed away last year – delivered a great climax at full speed on the stage.

with imagination This year’s live sound heavy doesn’t sing alone, but comes with good companyby David Batista Shíky clouds climbed onto Santa Catalina tables and transformed into Monserrat Caballé accompanied by a certain Freddie Mercury. He displayed vocal power, as was customary in his time on the stage, and thus began the spirited Olympics. Judo, synchronized swimming and daring acrobatics, from more to more. Coleman with a gold medal lifted park weight.

Pull Shira designed by Israel Arbello and Mary Millaris I hope my name will not be erased from history. An elegant stage show with a feminist message. On a lyrical beat and in a big purple dress, Shira gave a high performance as a hymn to women’s freedom. Electronic music and a little acrobatics to finish off the show.

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Pull Ácrux on a more 70s performance and in keeping with the carnival theme for the entire party. the offer All for the crownby Sebastien Betancourt and Fran Rodriguez, gave way to a special Studio 54 that combined disco, techno and reggaeton pereo. As a talent contest, they gave her a challenge, to be the winning draw in 2023a procedure loaded with braille and lots of rhinestones.

Drag Ármek, who was one year old when Gala Drag was born, chose to be a boy. fantasy let’s play?, by Llomar Miranda and Aran Perdomo, loaded with details. With the clouds, transform into Cowboy Woody from Toy Story. Saddlebags didn’t last long, though, to the beat of the electronics he converted Children’s room in a porn theater with acrobatics He touched the coronation with a strenuous walk.

With a new circus on the stage of Santa Catalina, Drag Kálik presented soul reflectionBy Elian Martin and Omar Abraham. A quick wardrobe change, as he combined merengue with electronics while downloading a file Esto es mio from the music The greatest showman. The drag invited the audience to be their true self with an animated ending.

Earthquake, Supreme, Agony, Volcano, Anastasia

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Intermissions in the entire ceremony were enlivened by two celebrity guests, Alcorcón Earthquake and Supreme Deluxe Co-founder a year ago. Up until the coronation, the artistic-acrobatic duo Les Farfadeis performed there, accompanied by the Hihg Heels Performance group on one occasion; and Tenerife tormentwho sang I want to burnFinal song at the recent Benidorm Festival.

La Volcano bid farewell to her reign and time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, drag gala from the top of a volcano. An epic entry gave way to a merengue-beating fire brigade. He dedicated his time at his father’s carnival and got into drag races of his version of Drag Race, as well as many competitions to the beat. My mom by Rigoberta Bandini. finished at the top. This year, American superstar Anastasia left the park waiting with her multi-award winning songs I’m out of love And Left alone outside. A musical singer who closed the 25th anniversary gala and who, unlike Carlos Baut a week earlier, sang live.

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