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Carnival is coming, and we already have costumes. And now this? The party can be celebrated in completely different ways, without returning to the usual, but disguised. Whether with children or with friends, at home or abroad, there are a host of possibilities to make the most of a celebration that at its core calls for enjoyment and abandoning monotony.

Here are some plans to take advantage of the carnival party:Enjoy the carnival parades

Every city has it procession As for ride, an event that youngsters will especially enjoy. Moreover, shows go much further in many cities Concerts, Morgas, Chirigota, Competitions or WorkshopsEven farewell, which in many places is celebrated with Sardine burial.

Making costumes at home

With children, the good plan is Make home fashion with them. Or, if we already have them set up, have them share to add the plugins. It will also give us a lot of gameplay make themand even take part in drawing others, always taking precautions when they are young. to decorate the house Preparing it for a carnival can be another great idea to have fun without having to go out.

Carnival recipes

Another great option with kids is Putting our culinary expertise into practice as a family to prepare-and to taste- Typical recipes for these dates. Not only will we have an entertaining time, but we will also involve the little ones in the housework while playing. Torrijas, fried milk and carnival ears are some of the sweet sins that gluttony can lead us to on these dates and that We can prepare without much effort.

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Carnivals in Spain

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Carnival is celebrated in a very diverse manner throughout Spain. the many forms of this party, From the oldest appearances to the most recentThey constitute a valuable heritage. They live only once a year. Taking advantage of these days to visit towns or cities that celebrate them in a special way is another great plan. In addition to the more famous carnivals, such as those in Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Cadiz, there are alternatives. There are some of: Antruejo de Llamas de la Ribera (León), Entroido de Xinzo de Limia (Orense), the Carnivals of Águilas (Murcia), Lantz (Navarra), Solsona (Lleida), Badajoz or Avilés, among many others. A notable example is from Spain.

Home Movie Marathon

For the laziest, I left the cinema Some titles that will allow us to create a carnival atmosphere without leaving home. And without an ounce of remorse. Examples are “Casanova” by Federico Fellini, Black Orpheus by Marcel Camus or “Rio”, the perfect children’s movie about the carnival.

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