Carmen Lumana’s blunder, Elon Musk’s letters, and other memes left us the World Cup Final

The Qatar World Cup final was intensely lived on and off the field, and Argentina’s penalty shootout victory left great moments tweeted by public figures such as Carmen Lomana, Elon Musk, Pablo Iglesias and Carles Puyol.

This oversight by Carmen Lomana did not go unnoticed by Twitter users. The celebrity wanted to admire the talent of the French player Mbappe to return in the final, but she made a mistake. misspell your name.

Ashton Kutcher declares himself a fan of Messi

American actor Ashton Kutcher posted a photo of himself wearing an Argentinian shirt that he dedicated to Messi.

Pablo Iglesias, Rafa Mayoral and Monedero watch the match together

Some political figures such as Pablo Iglesias, Rafa Mayoral and Juan Carlos Monedero also wanted to show their support for the Argentine national team.

It was Juan Carlos Monedero who uploaded a photo of the three politicians sitting on the couch watching the match between France and Argentina.

Elon Musk broadcasts the final from the stadium

Even businessman Elon Musk, who is watching the final at Lusail Stadium, shared his impressions of the match via his Twitter account.

What some YouTubers like Ibai and Mister Jagger said

YouTuber Ibai, as well as Mister Jagger, took to their accounts to talk about Messi.

Support for former teammate Puyol

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Messi received support from one of his former Barcelona colleagues, Carles Puyol, who wanted to prove his friendship with the Argentinean through his Twitter account.

Santiago Segura congratulates Argentina

Director and actor Santiago Segura posted on his Instagram a picture of him wearing the Argentine national team shirt, showing an expression of celebration for his victory.

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