Carlos Rios, are the food photos from your microscope real?

Carlos Rios Once again at the center of controversy. On this occasion, for some of the videos he posted on his Instagram account, showing how he notices through a microscope Various ultra-processed products such as Oreo cookies, Nesquik, or sausage.

Images through the device reveal, in the case of the first two, an abundant presence of Sugar And in the case of sausages, there is an unpleasant mass of fat An animal of “very low nutritional quality,” which has something that may look like “hair” coming from it as explained by the nutritionist and promoter of “realfooding“.

These videos cause wide discussion on social networks, with some users expressing doubts about their veracity. added to this discussion Patricia Gonzalez Rodrigueza neuroscientist specializing in neurodegenerative diseases.

González Rodriguez posted a tweet confirming, in his opinion, Sausage “False” video. Because “with a toy single-lens microscope and those fat cutouts, you can’t see anything because light doesn’t pass through.” In some of the videos in which the “influencer” displays his microscope, it can be seen that it corresponds to the brand “Micro Planet‘, at Toys’R’Us for €74.99 and will be described as a ‘HD’ collection.

The neuroscientist’s thread is piling up 1.2 million views and more than 6,000 “likes” on Twitter, as well as many comments against Carlos Ríos. As a result, the dietician responded on his Instagram account, defending the authenticity of the sausage photos: “Well, yes it can be seenyou can see what I’m showing with a x4 objective and light projection from above (…) Anyone with a microscope can examine it from home“, he wrote in a story. In another post, he asked his followers not to comment anything to the neuroscientist, who he confirms will be taken against him.”appropriate legal measures“.

All this discussion has caused, this Saturday, to bring up Carlos Rios’ name again.famous topicon Twitter, and that the nutritionist’s defenders also accused the neuroscientist. That, and in another thread trying to solve the problem, she explained that “to know the nutritional quality of those sausages, No need to look at it under a microscope“And that at a time spread The content of the thing we see through one, one must”Do it right‘Because’ there might be radioactive contamination’, which is why Carlos Rios “cannot confirm that sausages have hair,” in his opinion.

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However, Gonzalez-Rodriguez has commented in another post that she is Not a nutritionist. “My field of work and what I can talk about and discuss is Parkinson’s disease,” he said after receiving an invitation to speak about it in a media outlet. “I’m a strong advocate that everyone should talk about what they really know.” He also added that “worst“Carlos Rios wasn’t the video binocular, however.”Manhood“.

For his part, the nutritionist promised his followers that he would live on Instagram to prove the authenticity of the published photos.

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