Carla Simone opts out of her town’s Junts List

Director Carla Simon won’t finally make it into her town’s Junts list, Les Planes d’Hostoles. The director issued a statement indicating that she had made the decision to withdraw from the list, which she had “symbolically supported” as an independent alternative. Simon also laments the “non-contextual reading made” of his involvement in municipal politics – “in a town of ‘barely 1,700 inhabitants’,” he says.

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boss Alkarras And Summer 1993 In the memo, he made it clear that he is not a Gonz and that he does not share “his political choice or most of his ideas.” In a brief statement, Simon states that he still believes in local politics, “where the important thing is people with exciting projects for their communities and not party initials.”

“I have no doubt that set Paul O’Dell Les Planes d’Hostoles will be led with care and intelligence, and I encourage the people of my city to value their platform,” the note ends.

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