Carla Simon makes the political leap at the hands of Gonz

Carla Simon I decided to give A leap in politics directorAnd Award winning filmmaker Alkarraswill be merged into Jones in the next elections municipalities in a town Planes d’Hostoles, Cogolls i les Encies (Jarotxa, Girona). Simon would take the 10th spot on the list, which he joins as an independent.

This was revealed by Pablo Odile, the mayor who heads the Junts list in this small town of about 1,700 inhabitants, who used his Twitter account to post Simón’s reasons for joining the candidacy.

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“I joined the roster as an independent. I am excited about the city’s project full of ideas designed to include all of us. I am sure and confident that he will lead with toughness, intelligence and respect,” commented the director of Alkarras About Odel.

emotional bonds

Although he was born in Barcelona, ​​Simon has a strong emotional connection with Les Planes d’Hostoles, having been raised there since he was 7 years old. She was taken in by her uncles after her parents died, a story that inspired the movie that started making her famous, Summer 1993. The film, which Goya earned for Best New Director, was meticulously shot in the La Garrotxa region.

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