Carla Simon, in Limón & Vinagre: Don’t get involved in politics

“Do you love me, this I don’t get into politicssaid the dictator Francisco Franco To the writer José María Peman, an ironic sentence, no doubt, given that it was the only ideological choice allowed during the time he held the office of head of state and, therefore, the only possible political choice. If we strip the phrase out of context, syntax and, above all, irony, it may be one of those warnings we give to friends who one day receive a proposal to Attach to Electoral nomination. Then, do not go into politics if you are not going to dedicate yourself to politics. Politics is burning Often, the person who enters it becomes the focus of attention in certain social and geographical areas, and in most cases it leads to a short period of activity, the loss of friends, the disintegration of families, and sometimes, even those who, by choice of corrupt public life, have not done so. before.

film director Carla Simon (Barcelona, ​​36) He didn’t remember Franco’s phrase – nor should it be – the day he decided to accept the proposal of Pablo Odil, friend of the director and Jontes’ award nominee. Les Planes d’Hostoles City Council (Girona) for the alternate position on the list for the May elections. Yes, he should have calibrated the controversy after the news broke. For three reasons: because in the hype, a promising film career has been overshadowed by only two films (one of them, nominated by the Film Academy to represent Spain at the Oscars –“Summer 1993”from 2017 – and the other one too, also the golden bear in Berlin –“Alkaras”, from 2022 -); Because he will not lend his time to the activity (he was listed as an alternative) and that this fact has already generated an internal problem for the candidate; And no matter how friendly the mayoral candidate and the city of her childhood and adolescence, she did not choose the best travel companions, a nationalist and pro-independence party outside Catalonia raises more than notorious. Rejection however carla simone admits not to share more than Your friendship with the candidate In Les Planes d’Hostoles.

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And he had to take into account another important factor. We have been muddying for a long time at what they call it community polarization That public opinion and the majority of parties do not accept landing in areas of politics with names foreign to them that have gained popularity with other activities, but only if those personalities do not agree with their own point of view. It is likely that the Elector of Yontes saw with good eyes that the director of “Alcarràs” was included in his party’s list, even though she was an alternative and an independent. Anyway, they’ll see it with a certain degree of surprise, given that Carla Simone He identifies himself as a left-hander And Junts is not. to Javier Bardem or Willy Toledo They are not known to be members of any party or have been part of an electoral list, but they do express political opinions that incite those who do not think the same way they do and are encouraged by those who do.

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Of the four days that Carla Simone was an alternate candidate on the Junts list, I prefer the second sentence of her resignation statement: “I want to make it clear that I’m not from together. I do not share his political choice or most of his ideas. I regret the inconsistent reading that has been made of my post on the municipal politics of my city, Barely 1,700 inhabitants. For this reason, I have decided to withdraw from the list that I symbolically supported as an independent alternative. ” In fact, you cannot be a member of a party and go to its lists. There are thousands of councilors in Spain from municipalities smaller than Les Planes d’Hostoles who are thus run for electionsthough, ordinarily, they share most of the party’s ideas because it is the determining factor for one who decides one day to devote himself to public affairs. does not understand the opposite.

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Despite being a member of the candidacy for only four days, he had time to remember one of the first lessons a politician learns. It is never your faults, but the faults of others. (third sentence of the statement), who read everything without context.

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