Carabao Cup: City beat Liverpool in the Carabao Cup in the first post-World Cup match

Club football is back. Manchester City and Liverpool suspended the World Cup In the round of 16, Carabao completes a duel full of alternatives and goals. A gift before Christmas from two coconuts to the Prime Minister.

A month and a half without football neither the Blues nor the Reds have taken over. They played a very intense clash, running from square to square as they do in each of their always goal-packed classics. A great game to meet again with the best football.

Haaland didn’t play an official match for 35 days… and within 10 minutes he had already scored that amazing goal!Dazen

They gathered the kids – Luis, Bagcetic… – with the stars – Salah, Haaland… – on their first trip after the World War. And this combination was successful. There is nothing left inside. Milner’s injury and the picture of Mahrez and De Bruyne dead after the end exemplified his efforts.

Pep Guardiola won his duel against Jurgen Klopp to reach the Carabao quarter-finals. Ahead of Boxing Day, City were so pleased with the match that they took Erling Haaland out of his cage.

And the Norwegian striker was “bored” for 40 days without jumping into the ring. A month and a half of rest did not prevent his goals from appearing. In 17 seconds! He had a chance that he threw Keeler. He didn’t fail the next time around, catching a De Bruyne cross with an acrobatic shot.

He has scored his 24th goal of the season in 19 meetings with Citizens between all tournaments. He never got wet against the Reds and completed his debut again with a goal. He noted in his book He made his debut in the Norwegian Cup, Champions, Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, German Super Cup, Premier and now Carabao.

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Haaland was hungry and half fed. On the other hand, Darwin Nunez couldn’t score a goal in his mouth. The Uruguay striker did not win the World Cup and left the federation empty. And it wasn’t because there were no opportunities. He ran the stick offside and had a one-on-one, but didn’t hit the target. Yes, it was scored by Fabio Carvalho who pushed a ball into the net, a pass from Matip and Milner.

Show Kevin

In the second half came the madness. Mahrez, after Carat dominated, scored 2-1 and responded to Salah, whose goal Darwin sent home after a run that left Laporte nailed. But the engagement was unbalanced by De Bruyne’s square and bevel.

He centered Akie’s head, leaving the champion out in the quarter-finals. The Belgian is another player with City. It is displayed at every job and gives targets like Santa Claus. But the game did not end there. Tensions rose and Fabinho chased Rodri and they got into a fight, Darwin came close to equalizing, Foden’s goal… Community (3-1) and Premier (1-0) who have won pool this season. How we missed them!

There will be no Manchester derby in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals

There will be no Manchester derby in the Carabao quarter-finals. United will host Charlton in League One (Third) and visit Southampton. Nottingham Forest, Wolves, Newcastle and Leicester, other crosses. The matches will take place between January 10 and 12.

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