Canceling flights on holidays and long weekends: What are my rights? Where can I claim?

Airlines such as Vueling and Ryanair will be on strike for several days in the coming days, which could change our vacation enjoyment this upcoming Constitution long weekend and during the Christmas festivities. This could mean that dozens of travelers find themselves having trouble finding their flight cancelled, as well as having to change their departure time due to overpriced tickets. From an organization that advocates for passenger rights such as Airhelp, they make several recommendations: When to claim If we are denied boarding on a flight due to overbooking, delays or cancellations, the passenger has the possibility to claim an alternative flight via canceled or lost connection. “The airline must provide an alternative flight to the same destination, in case the passenger wishes to continue their journey,” they explain from Airhelp. You can also ask the airline to take responsibility or provide food, drink and internet access. Plus accommodation if that means having to stay the night after missing a flight. This is a hotel and transportation to the airport. Gather All Documents First of all, to file a claim and claim compensation or reimbursement, it is necessary to keep all documents related to the flight and submit them to the airline. Specifically, you must keep your boarding pass and all receipts. In addition to checking the reason for the cancellation or delay, present all communications with the airlines (postal messages, text messages, WhatsApp …) and record the time of arrival at the destination. What the regulations say According to European Regulation 261/2004, which regulates flights with arrival and departure in the territory of the community, passengers are entitled to additional compensation of up to 600 euros in case of delays of more than 3 hours, cancellation without prior notice within 14 days before the date of departure and for passengers who were denied boarding due to overbooking. It can be claimed retroactively for up to three years after the trip. Related News Standard Tourism No Ryanair reopens bases in Tenerife South and Lanzarote Laura Bautista with the company There will be 70 routes with the islands, six of which are new, with 520 weekly flights, 10% more Warning: adverse weather conditions and medical emergencies Claims can be used by Companies in order not to provide any compensation. In any case, although a strike has been declared, passengers reserve the right to file a complaint.

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