Can you imagine this in Spain? All Star Tour Challenge of MLS Tests won by Arsenal

wAshington saw the All Star Tour challenge led by a group of MLS players and Arsenal footballers who ended up becoming champions by getting the best score across the five tests that make up the competition.

The English team won four of the night’s five challenges and won the event, a precursor to the 2023 MLS All-Star Game that will be played on Wednesday at Audi Stadium in the US capital.

139-115 was the final score on a night where the fun and playfulness of the five Tests delighted the crowd.

1. Archery challenge

The objective of this first test was to hit different targets, each with a different value, located inside the goal by a shot from outside the area. Three players from each of the two teams were responsible for making this first test as Arsenal had already gained a slight advantage.

2. Click on the challenge

Perhaps it is the test that requires the highest quality and complexity. A footballer assisted another teammate to his right or left behind, and the player after making one or two checks had to place the ball on a platform with different goals for points value.

3. Cross and volleyball challenge

From one of the flanks, a football player helps his teammates who are inside the area who, after gaining control of the ball, had to take a shot and try to score a goal into the goal defended by the opposing goalkeeper. The difficulty of the shot is rated by different points.

4. Pass the challenge

Players have to hit the ball on several passing targets with different degrees of difficulty. Teams compete in passing rounds, which are held at the same time.

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5. Challenge the crossbar

Hit the crossbar of a target two levels away. With 5 Zone 1 shots, Zone 2 shots enabled…and impact in Zone 2 will be equivalent to winning the challenge.

In addition, the goalkeepers had their lead and were put to a personal test with a goalkeeper battle in which they faced a series of zero-point shots that could be taken with both hands and feet in an unbeatable display.

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