Can I go on vacation while on leave from work due to temporary disability (IT)?

April arrives with important news regarding sick leave and how it will be handled from now on. However, other questions arise about what can and cannot be done while on vacation as the Easter weekend approaches.

What is a temporary disability?

Temporary disability (IT) occurs when the worker Temporarily unable to work and access to health care. That is, it is leave due to illness or accident, whether it is at work or not.

the Social security He realizes this position and submits daily allowance Which covers the loss of income when the worker is unable to carry out his activity. The provision of such assistance due to a common illness or non-work accident begins from the fourth day of leave or due to an accident at work or a work-related illness from the day after leave.

Can I go on vacation if I am abroad?

Now that it’s a situation where a worker can get government support, can he go on vacation while he’s on leave? Do I have to meet any requirements to do this?

Legally, there is no impediment to enjoying the holidaybut it all depends on what kind of disease the worker suffers from.

In this sense, it must be borne in mind that sick leave is a period to restore your health, so if you want to go on vacation it is better to choose a destination and an activity that does not pose a risk of relapse.

The National Institute of Social Security or the Social Institute of the Navy or their collaborators are responsible for monitoring leave, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of Royal Decree 625/2014dated 18 July, and in the latter case of financial benefit.

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This article states that in order to follow up on a patient’s condition “must be based on data that support… Low cost medical parts and confirmation of withdrawal as in those derived from medical examinations and reports carried out in the operation ».

Because this follow-up is done, it is also recommended if you are going to travel to inform the doctor or obtain his permission to avoid consequences that may eventually involve withdrawal of the benefit granted from Social Security. According to Section 175 of the General Social Security Act, support can be denied, canceled or suspended if it is “fraudulent to obtain or maintain this benefit.”

Recommendations if you want to travel

Most recommended is Follow exactly the directions dictated by both your family physician and the agency’s physicians Responsible for monitoring. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the worker must always appear for examination when prescribed by the doctor.

It should also be taken into account There are low cases In which the concerned employee is prohibited from carrying out the work activity but not from other activities. For example, in the event of a bone fracture. There are also other situations, such as sick leave due to depression or anxiety, where a doctor prescribes very specific issues for recovery.

In short, the best thing to do is for the trip to be authorized by the doctors and not to do any possible activity brakes on recovery.

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