Calvino points out the presence of PP and Vox deputies in the European mission to assess the use of funds

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvino, faces today, Monday, the scrutiny of the European Parliament’s Budget Control Committee, which the Head of Government, Monica Holmeyer, has indicated in recent weeks, especially in an interview with ABC, the most important Information gaps revealed in the implementation of European funds in Spainwhich is the reason why he decided to lead an important effort to evaluate Spain’s performance on the ground with European funds.

The visit has become one of the priority political issues for this week, and it has put pressure on a government that until now has prided itself on being at the forefront of those responsible for executing the money. In a statement to RTVE, Calvino wanted to give the appearance of a normalcy to the delegation visit of the European Parliament’s budgetary control committee, ensuring that the fact that Spain was the first country to ask for funds and to deploy investments became a kind of “Guinea pig” for European authoritiesThat is, they review with particular interest what is happening in Spain to see what factors may favor or hinder the development of funds in other countries, but the presence of other factors that may influence the evaluation.

Calvino He wanted to make a political assessment of the visit Which is technical only on paper, and he confirmed his astonishment at the “relatively large presence of Spanish parliamentarians of the two parties, the populist and the fox” in the European mission.

The list of components of the mission presented by the European Parliament refutes the vice-president’s judgment, since it contains only one MEP from the People’s Party, Isabel Bendumea, and one MEP from Vox, Jorge Buxade, while there are two Socialist MEPs . , Isabel García Muñoz, as well as the number two official mission as First Vice President of the Commission; and Eider Gardiazábal Ruibal, so the important relative presence of the Spanish MPs from PP and Vox No bigger than the Socialist MEPs.

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The vice president also retracted his belief that the government would place “all care in conducting an objective and technical analysis” and that it would face a constructive attitude under this hypothesis. “This visit should be an opportunity for them to see on the ground what we have already told them,” he stressed.

Europe questions Spain’s performance

“We will go to Spain because the government has not told us where the recovery funds are,” the head of the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Oversight warned in exclusive remarks to the ABC just under a month ago, confirming suspicions that there was too much in the European Parliament and the European Court of Auditors about the management of European funds in Spain.

The auditor of the Court of Auditors, Ivana Malic, who is responsible for evaluating compliance with the first phase of milestones and targets in the Kingdom of Spain, also warned of weaknesses in the compliance information provided by the Government of Spain and even disagreed. With the Commission regarding the consideration achieved in some objectives that the Court of Accounts deems incomplete or insufficient.

The European Mission will hold a meeting this afternoon with the First Deputy Prime Minister, after holding a round of consultations with regional leaders, members of the social agents and journalists.

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