Cajalmendralejo has inaugurated the new headquarters of Banco de Depositos in Madrid

Last Thursday, June 29 The new Banco de Depósitos social headquarters is inaugurated in Madrid, an entity belonging to Cajalmendralejo. The building is located in the financial district of the capital of Spain, at Paseo de la Castellana, 120. It is a facility of 2000 square meters equipped and equipped with all the human and technological resources to function normally in the markets. Financial.

Fernando Palacios, President of Cajalmendralejo, Solventia Cooperative Group and Deposit Bank, expressed the responsibility derived from this new commercial achievement: “With the opening of this new headquarters, A social and financial project with a clear dedication to service For others, with the aim of providing coverage to natural and legal persons, social and religious institutions.

After the President’s intervention, Guillermo Fernández Vara, Acting President of the Junta of Extremadura, spoke and highlighted the entity’s commitment to Extremadura and The importance of this new step in the capital of Spain. Father Jesus Sanchez Adel blessed the new facilities.

In this work they met prominent representatives of societyMadrid and ExtremaduraAmong them are the President of Mapfre, the President of Merlin Properties, the General Secretary of PP in Extremadura, the President of the CEU San Pablo Foundation, etc.

Cajalmendralejo is the President of the Solventia Cooperative Group, which consists of 8 Rural Savings Banks from Andalusia, the Community of Valencia and Extremadura. This savings bank acquired Banco de Depósitos in 2022, a strategic operation framed within the process of expanding the entity from Extremadura in Madrid. The Fund, through its subsidiary, It begins its financial activity in the capital of Spain allowing it to face new possibilities of evolution.

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This is also the oldest rural bank in Spain this year It celebrates its 120th anniversary As a financial institution Extremaduran 100%. Among its preferred goals is to contribute to economic and social development while maintaining commitment, responsibility and solidarity with the whole society as core values.

Banco de Depósitos has been in banking for 130 years, developing traditional banking model, Specializing in fiduciary activity in the social, cultural and religious field, mainly concerned with the financing needs of non-profit entities, economies and family businesses.

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