CaixaForum Malaga | The city will have a Caixa forum in 2026

Malaga city It will be in 2026 a CaixaForum is a cultural center run by La Caixa Foundation, which will have two exhibition halls and multi-purpose rooms, dedicated to different branches of the Fine Arts, Culture, Scientific Publishing and Humanities, And also with importance technological side.he Mayor of Malagaand Francisco de la Torre, pResident at La Caixa Foundation, Isidro FineAnd I signed the agreement this Thursday Cooperation as the two parties undertake to facilitate the construction of this new facility, which will place Malaga in a network of high-level cultural entities at the national level, among which cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza or Seville.

Indeed, de la Torre considered this agreement to be presumptive step forward & rdquo; In the city’s cultural strategy As well as the answer to the “longing & rdquor; to enter that league of big cities with a cultural, educational and informational commitment such as that provided by these spaces.

“We put ourselves on par with Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville and mldr; with what There is no longer any inequality. Those programs that they do, that they have done in Malaga, with temporary exhibitions in tents which are a source of pride for the city that hosts them, will be enhanced by this synergy of all Caixa forum It’s done, the Malaga councillor applauded.

This new equipment will be put in Solar Twin to Malaga Provincial Police Station, On the Plaza de Manuel Azaña, practically at the Málaga exit of Avenida de Andalucía. It is a piece of land with a total area of ​​8,200 square meters, 5,500 square meters net, taking into account the area reserved for green areas or roads, in which there is currently Use public parking.Most Outstanding Center

The construction of the building will be borne by the La Caixa Foundation, which has already announced that it will be the “single” CaixaForum, “the most innovative”, as he emphasized. Deputy General Director of La Caixa Foundation, Elisa Duran.

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“It’s a unique model that aims to about the spread of culture To all citizens with quality and rigor in achieving it Bringing in the most specialized audience but also familiesfor schoolchildren and for all people for whom it is an impediment to approach a cultural institution, ”he explained, specifying that the city has the necessary size of the population to join the CaixaForum network.

Its installations will present six exhibitions that will rotate throughout the year and will be fueled by the agreements concluded by the La Caixa Foundation with national and international institutions such as the Museum The Louvre, the British Museum, the Pompidou and the Prado. Thus, residents and visitors of Malaga will be able to enjoy samples of art from the most ancient times to the most contemporary currents, as well as samples of films, comics and audiovisuals.

Besides the exhibition rooms, another peculiarity of this center is its multipurpose rooms, which will function as an educational space with a wide range of subjects, although with one main objective: Narrowing the digital divide.

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It will be a very important educational spaceto bring these new technologies closer together and narrow the gap that exists between the most vulnerable groups,” Elisa Duran continued, highlighting the location chosen for future equipment. “The experience of all these years It will allow us to have the most innovative CaixaForum, With this gateway to the city, which will be that beacon that shows what Malaga is, that cultural engine that is an example and a benchmark for all of Spain.

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The Deputy General Director of La Caixa Foundation stressed that “Everyone raves about what the city stands for In innovation, in culture, in science, in entrepreneurship “within the board of directors of this entity, which approved the proposal to bring the Caixa Forum to Malaga this morning. It’s exciting, it’s a great day for us.”

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