Caixabank gives you a smart TV to localize your salary with them

caixabank Search Increase direct debit payroll With different withdrawals for new entity customers. For this reason, they launched a campaign Attraction with incentives in the form of gifts or cash to achieve this. Your goal is to conquer 6 million before the end of 2023.

Promotion is intended only to New salary slipsso that these people can already clients or not from the entitydirect their salaries.

Your accounts without commissions

At CaixaBank, whatever You can benefit from multiple benefits in your checking account. If you have your payroll with them and You make three payments or card payments on three direct debit bills Every quarter, you can enjoy without commission:

  • Maintenance and management From your accounts in EUR (As long as its use is not associated with a commercial or professional activity).

  • the emissions quotas and maintenance Your Visa Classic and MyCard credit card (owner and beneficiary).

  • All standard conversions to the Single European Payments Area are in Euros It is sent or received, all over the European Unionwith correct and complete data.

  • Testimonials Ordered by CaixaBankNow.

  • Negotiation and compensation cnational checks In Euros on all accounts.

  • VIA-T 5 card registration and maintenance fee, that allow dynamic payment of highway tolls.

Domicile bonus

the prize What awaits you if you do this:

  1. television 32 or 50 in.

  2. 200 euros in cash.

  3. Special bonus for the money in the account.

Unlimited transfers via ATM and through the mobile banking application, or enjoy credit cards without issuance or maintenance fees.

Also, to get any of these gifts They must sign an association with the entity Fixed To settle at least three payment receipts And we do no less Three card purchases per quarter.

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to offer the reward They will also look at something as simple as payroll. Therefore, depending on its amount, The TVs you buy will be different. You’ll receive unlimited transfers via ATMs and through our mobile banking app, or enjoy credit cards with no issuance or maintenance fees.

Differences with the amount of salaries:

  • When salary amount Greater than €1,200, the bonus may be a 32 inch LG TV

  • When you exceed €2,500, you can choose between a 50-inch screen or a two-year 5% APR bonus for the first €5,000 of account balance.

Another advantage of CaixaBank

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Another feature to take Payroll to Caixabank it’s the be exempt from cost s Service commissions Bank regulars.

Next to, Get 200 euros It is the choice offered to customers with imagine account They live their paychecks, at least, during the first quarter of the year, receiving 50 euros. If the salaries greater than 1,000 eurosAnd The amount to be received will amount to 200 euros.

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