Caixabank earned 3,145 million in 2022, an increase of 29.7% excluding the ‘Bankia effect’

caixabank It earned €3.145 million in 2022. This represents a 29.7% increase over the previous year based on homogenous surroundings, “thanks to the commercial strength and synergies of the integration.” If the unusual accounting effects result from absorption BankyaThe result reflects a decrease of 39.8%, with profit in 2021 amounting to €5,226 million as a result of the positive contribution of €4,300 million from negative goodwill and other exceptional results related to the merger.

“During 2022, the year in which the integration process was completed, Caixabank managed to maintain the commercial rhythm despite the context of uncertainty created by Ukraine invasionand achieved its financial goals and activities,” the entity explained in a statement.

Likewise, Caixabank’s board of directors agreed to propose to the shareholders’ meeting the payment of a dividend of €0.2306 per share charged until 2022, representing an increase of 58% compared to €0.1463 in the previous year. In this way, the shareholder remuneration, to be paid in the second quarter, represents 55% “payments” (dividends distributed to shareholders), in line with the policy previously approved by the Bank and which is also reserved for the 2023 distributions. As explained by President José Ignacio Guerigolzari, the harvested results allow 1,700 million euros to be distributed, an amount that rises to 3,500 million if the 1,800 million buy-back program is added from the measures. He pointed out, “This puts us on the path to achieving our goal of distributing up to 9 thousand million in the period 2022-2024.”

Enter income statement numbers, always on comparable terms without merger implications, and basic income The bank grew by 5.8% to €11,997 million, driven by a 7.7% increase in interest income and a 33.1% increase in income and expenses from insurance contracts, with commission income matching the previous year (+0.6%). All this offset the lower income in the line of bancassurance affiliates (-26.2%). Specifically, banks’ commissions grew 1.7% in the year. Gross margin on its part grew 5.5% to 11,594 million.

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Similarly, in terms of non-performing loans, the ratio is at an all-time low and is down to 2.7%. CET1 has a solvency ratio of 12.8% and a measure of profitability of 8.3 and 9.8% measured in ROE and ROTE respectively.

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