by 10.7% and touching 12,000 million euros in May

The strong push given by the government to pensioners’ salaries with a revaluation of 8.5% will leave important headlines for the increase in spending assumed by Social Security throughout 2023. In May, the system recorded a pension account of 11,974.3 million euros, which represents a 10.7% more than a year ago. Another historical record for a budget item that is destined to grow continuously due to correlation with price development.

Specifically, pension spending is in 11.7% of gross domestic product in the past 12 months, through May, according to numbers released this Thursday by Social Security.

As usual, almost three-quarters of the socialist pension payroll in May went to the retirementspecifically, 72.8%, ie 8723.1 million in euros. 1,998.5 million euros have been allocated to pensions for widows, while salaries for permanent disability benefits amount to 1,058.4 million euros, orphans, 162.8 million euros, and benefits for relatives, 31.4 million.

Likewise, out of 10 019 689 pensions paid, 6,343,015 retiredand another 2,346,534 widows, 945,050 permanent disabilities, 340,218 orphans, and 44,872 in favor of relatives. The number of annuities grows at a rate of 1% between years. On the other hand, the number retirees that it 9074.316 until May 1. Of these, 4.6 million are men and 4.5 million are women. The pension ratio for each retiree is 1.1 benefits per person.

The main pension is retirement for 6.2 million people. 60.4% of these are seen by men. pension widowhood 1.5 million people see it as the main benefit, 95.9% of whom are women. They are followed by recipients of permanent disability (940,042), orphans (322,743), and in favor of relatives (44,204).

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The average pension is 1,375 euros per month

the HB From the system it amounts to 1,195.1 euros per month. This amount includes various types of pensions (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood in favor of relatives).

average pension the retirement The system, for its part, is 1,375.2 euros. According to the regulations, the average pension from the public system is 1533.6 euros per month, while the lowest level recorded by the self-employed system, at 915.5 euros per month. In coal mining, the average monthly pension is €2,682.4, and it is €1,523.9 in the offshore system. New retirement registrations in the system in April 2023 (latest data) averaged €1,356.8 per month. For her part, the average widow’s pension is 851.7 euros per month.

mean time resolve files In April (latest available data) it was 11.8 days in the case of a retirement pension and 15.8 days in a widow’s pension. It should be borne in mind that the maximum decision period in these procedures, according to RD 286/2003 of March 7 and RD 1192/2021 of August 3, is 90 days in both retirement and widowhood benefits.

The gender gap

As of May 1, 495,859 pensions have been received Gender gap supplement, of which 91.7% are women (454,042). The average monthly amount of this pension is 65.9 euros. Of the 495,859 supplementary pensions, 22.6% are pensioners with a child (112,070), who previously could not receive maternity allowance. 47.1% of beneficiaries have two children (233,708); 19.5% have three (96,838) and have four children, 10.7% (53,243).

The gender gap supplement, in force since February 2021, consists of a fixed amount, after reassessment applicable in 2023, of 30.40 euros per month for each childWhich is applied from the first child other than the previous maternity supplement. It is requested at the same time as the pension.

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negative categories

On the other hand, the monthly payroll for pensions negative classes reached 1,469.5 million EUR in March, latest available data. The number of active pensions reached 694,412, which means an increase of 11,590 pensions over the same month of the previous year (1.8% annual difference).

Negative caste system state It mainly includes military personnel and civil servants of the general administration of the state, administration of justice, general courts and other constitutional or governmental bodies, as well as civil servants transferred to the Autonomous Communities.

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