Buy at half price at Mercadona: the trick that very few know

Despite the economic difficulties and the complex international context, Mercadona continues to be the number one supermarket in Spain: after increasing the salaries of its employees and closing the year with increased profits, the Valencian chain is crowned as one of the Spanish companies to beat the best. Storm without neglecting the quality of service to its customers. Although in recent months it has received criticism for its price hike, which, as in other establishments, has been driven by inflation, the distributor has managed to maintain the trust of more than 27% of the market share that still trusts this company.

How to buy meat and fish at half price in Mercadona

One of the keys to Mercadona’s success is its commitment to fresh produce: a few years agoTakeaway section opened Which completes a practical dining area at the entrance of the establishments. In addition to this new service, the Valencians have also renovated the butcher’s and fishmonger’s tables to offer fresh cut products of the moment.

It happened the same way with fruits and vegetables, since Mercadona chose a A new, more efficient store modelShopping in their supermarkets is more fun and healthy.

One of the great advantages of buying fresh produce at Mercadona is that we can find great discounts if we find one of our “Lower Price Best Before Date” labels are in yellow. With this strategy, supermarkets intend to significantly reduce the amount of food they waste, abandoning stocks of perishable products such as meat or vegetables.

But beyond looking for yellow “price drop” stickers, there’s something elseStrategy to buy cheaper meat and fish Every week in Mercadona. The trick to saving a few Euros when we go to Juan Roig stores is to wait for the day when they have to throw out all the perishables.

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The trick to buying cheaper fresh produce in Mercadona is Wait for the day they have to sell it with a yes or a yes. The schedule has been one of the company’s recent changes in policy: open only on business days and dispense with Sundays and holidays, with few exceptions.

For thisThe best day for shopping in Mercadona is Saturday: If we go to the local fishmonger or butcher shop on Saturday evening, we will find that many products are discounted by up to 50%, since they will not reopen until Monday, when they will receive new goods.

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