But aren’t you shy?

I am referring to Vladimir Putin, the tsar of all Russia and the last of the villains they plot. Despite leading a country on two continents, covering half of Europe and half of Asia, with all kinds of natural resources and megatons to exterminate the whole world, since his army is unable to tame the Ukrainians, he plans an attack from the rear against them, allied with one. Its deadliest thug, Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, is just north of Ukraine and a stone’s throw from Kyiv. On the other side of that border, part of the newly recruited 250,000 Russians meet with Lukashenko’s forces, “having heard” that “some neighbors are planning provocations related to the expansion of Belarusian territory.” Remember what happened on February 24 and you will know the next step: the invasion of the neighboring country under the pretext of defending and liberating himself, in which Putin will kill two birds with one stone: he will force the Ukrainians to withdraw troops from Donbass to defend their capital and will put it at risk of being occupied by Russian forces, which is Putin’s primary goal . Will this plan work for him, having failed the first, despite enlisting the help of another of his comrades, the Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov, who advocates the elimination of Ukraine if necessary with less powerful nuclear weapons, but is unable to stop the Ukrainian attack on the southern front Eastern? We won’t know until we see how the new balance of power works. So far, nothing has gone well for Putin and the reason is that his soldiers are not fighting for their country, while the Ukrainians are. There is also the technology factor. Ukrainian forces are receiving drones, aircraft detectors, and enemy missiles much more advanced than these, so that they can tell their anti-aircraft batteries their location and shoot them down. Hence, Russian aviation hardly matters in that battle, with drones being David’s slingshot against Goliath. Now, it remains to be seen what the West will do if Putin and his hawks decide to invade Ukraine from Belarus. My recommendation is to include it in NATO without wasting a single minute. Warning that, if they did, they would declare war on Europe and the United States.

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