Bundesliga: Freiburg: the only team that never turns off the tap

Freiburg is close to excellence for several seasons thanks toChristian Streiss the Eternal. Last year he came close to achieving his first major title – he lost the cup final on penalties to RB Leipzig – and is now third in the Bundesliga It has reached the second round of the European League.

Splendor has a lot to do with Vincenzo Grifo (Pforzheim, 4-7-1993). Triquarista He led Freiburg’s return to the Bundesliga in 2016 He scored 14 goals and 15 assists in 31 matches.

His career is strange. Came to Hoffenheim from Karlsruhe and He debuted in the German Bundesliga in 2012 He was 19 years and six months old. But the outside of Europa Park is not over yet. It has passed through Dynamo Dresden, FS in Frankfurt, Borussia Moenchengladbach. He even got a second stage at Hoffenheim… Before returning to Freiburg in 2019. “Going back wasn’t a step back, but forward,” he says. “I’m at the top of my career.”

Returning to Freiburg was not a step back, but a step forward. I’m at the top of my career

Vincenzo Griffin

It’s in Christian Streich’s ecosystem where he feels comfortable. In fact, he has just finished 200 matches (63 goals and 62 assists) with Freiburg. “He does everything and not only forwards, but also backwards. It’s impressive how he’s grown in recent years”, He maintains his artistry, unaccustomed to compliments.

It does everything and not only forward, but also backward. It’s amazing how it has grown in recent years.

Vincenzo Griffin

“I learned everything from Streich. He always saw something in me. Without him I wouldn’t be the player I am.” Admits Grifo, who, however, asserts: “The coach gives me freedom … but I have to work just as much. Not even Messi can free himself defensively on orders from Streich.”

I learned everything from Strich. He always saw something in me. Without him, I wouldn’t be the player I am today.

Vincenzo Griffin

Pichichi from Freiburg snatched a record from Luca Toni

This season started very well: He has eight goals and three assists in 20 matches. Only Folkrug (9), Nkonko (9) and Thuram (8) have scored more than six goals in the Bundesliga. It is alsoThe player with the most scoring chances in the German Bundesliga (31), above Kimmich. His free kick is key. “I’ve devoted a lot of time to strategy,” he admits. “I’m trying to improve every day.”

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His 0-2 double against Schalke allowed him to become The Italian who scored the most goals (41) in the German League, surpassing a legend like Luca Toni (39). Luca wrote me on Instagram and Whatsapp to congratulate me. It was very nice. When I was 13 and I saw him score goals in Germany, I didn’t think I could beat him. I dedicated myself to him because I was a huge fan of him and I am now proud to see my name above his.”

When I was 13 and I saw Luca Toni score goals in Germany I didn’t think I could beat him. Now it makes me proud to see my name above yours

Vinzenco . faucet

Germany is his home…but Italy is his home

Grifo was born and raised in Germany, but did not hesitate when asked. “I have been asked many times if I have to choose between Germany and Italy. In Germany I have everything and lack nothing… But my heart beats for Italy. At home Italian is spoken and Italian food is eaten.”

In Germany I have everything and lack nothing… but my heart beats for Italy

Vincenzo Griffin

The Roberto Baggio shirt that his grandfather gave him represented his childhood, but Grifo fulfilled his dream of wearing an “Azzurra”. He made his Sub 20 debut in 2013 under Evani’s direction and made his first-team debut in 2018 under Roberto Mancini. However, he has played barely six matches (two goals) with the first team.

In Freiburg the tap is never turned off. He concludes by saying, “I need this atmosphere, closeness to the masses, and the technical staff know me …”. In the “black forest” there is no drought.

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