Bulwart reappears and once again asks Congress to push the election date

lack of support for the President of Peru, Dina Polwart Keep going. According to a Jan. 7-12 survey by the Institute for Peruvian Studies (IEP), seven out of ten Peruvians disapprove of President Dina Pouluart, and nine out of ten Peruvians oppose the Congress.

«The south is not alone in its protests, half of the country sympathizes with them, only in Lima, identification is less than half, 37 percent; “While it’s 56 percent in the rest of the country,” said Patricia Zarate, head of opinion studies at the Institute for Individualized Education.

Bulwart reappeared this weekend, after the events in Puno where 19 civilians and a policeman died, to deliver a speech to the nation in which he reiterated that he would not resign from office and again asked Congress to push forward the elections scheduled for April 2024.

“In recent days, thousands of Peruvians have taken to the streets to express their discontent with unmet demands. As President, as a mother and woman of Apurima, I share your indignation. The country owes a great debt to the country and to deep Peru,” the president said, adding, “I apologize for this situation and for what It was not done to avoid tragic events. But as I ask for forgiveness, I ask as President that we reject violence.”

On December 7, then-president Pedro Castillo attempted a self-coup to seize all power, including Congress, causing his immediate dismissal, constitutional succession, and promotion of Dina Boulwart as president. The immediate response was the beginning of the protests against his government, especially in the south of the country, where, as of yesterday, there were fifty deaths, seven of them teenagers. Among the wounded were 290 policemen and 400.

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Random shooting

Given the large number of victims in the protests, a delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, led by Eduardo Ralon, arrived in the country and at the conclusion of their visit said in Lima that “if you want to advance on the path of dialogue there must be sympathy not only from the presidency but from the authorities.” different towards the pain felt by many people in the country ».

The committee received complaints of indiscriminate shooting of demonstrators in certain areas such as AyacuchoAs well as other complaints about firing at vital points with lethal and high-caliber weapons, in violation of the principle of the gradual use of force. “The clarification of these complaints must be a top priority in the investigations that are taking place,” Ralon said during the presentation of the initial report of the mission in the Andean country.

Given the intensity of the protests in different parts of the country, the government issued a decree b emergency situation in the capital Lima, the port of Callao, Apurimac, Madre de Dios and Cuzco; A curfew has been imposed in Puno.

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