Brussels corrects the government and makes it clear that the recovery plan provides for Spain to implement transit fees in 2024

The European Commission corrected the government this Thursday and confirmed that the Spanish recovery and resilience plan endorsed by Brussels includes a commitment to adopt a law on sustainable mobility and transport financing and to introduce a payment mechanism for road use from 2024, despite this being “categorically” denied by Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez just three days ago.

“We understand that the Spanish plan refers to a payment mechanism for the use of roads that will start in 2024 in line with the ‘whoever pollutes, pays’ principle,” confirmed the commission’s economic spokesman, Virl Noyts, at a press conference.

The measure was announced a week ago by the Director of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), Perry Navarro, and later denied by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, who considered the controversy over the possible payment of motorway tolls in Spain “settled” and “categorically denied” that they would be paid.

However, the executive authority of the community has confirmed that the measure appears in the plan that was approved by both Brussels and the member states and appears to be linked, specifically, to the disbursement of the fifth tranche of the plan, which amounts to more than 8,000 million euros.

“We will be assessing this procedure when we get to the fifth payment request from Spain, so it is not a discussion today,” the Commission spokesperson added.

This was also included in the text of the plan approved by Brussels, where it was specified that the measure aims to “absorb the external costs of road transport, create incentives for greater efficiency in the sector and promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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