Brussels authorizes state aid of 460 million to ArcelorMittal to decarbonize the steel plant in Gijón

The European Commission, under EU state aid rules, has approved a €460m Spanish government measure to help ArcelorMittal Spain partially decarbonize its steel production operations in Gijón, where Blow up two blast furnaces Which produces liquid metal from a mixture of iron ore, coke and limestone.

The assistance will consist of direct support for the construction of a direct iron-reduction plant using renewable hydrogen. This new plant, together with a new electric arc furnace, will replace the existing blast furnace. Natural gas currently used in the mix will be phased out from steel production operations. as a last resort, heThe plant will operate using renewable hydrogen With syngas produced from gases and mineral waste.

The plant is expected It will start working at the end of 2025 It is expected to produce 2.3 million tons of low carbon pre-reduced iron annually. When completed, the project is expected to prevent the emission of 70.9 million tons of carbon dioxide. ArcelorMittal is committed to sharing the knowledge gained from the project with other European steel producers.

UNHCR considers that assistance Facilitates activity development economy, specifically environmental steel production. At the same time, it contributes to achieving the goals of major European policy initiatives such as the European Green Deal, the EU Hydrogen Strategy and the REPowerEU Plan. It also has a “catalytic effect”, as the beneficiary will not make investments in green steel production without public support.

He adds that he has Limited impact on competition and trade within the European Union. In addition, they are commensurate, as their value corresponds to real financing needs and has sufficient safeguards to ensure that unjustified distortion of competition is reduced.

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This €460m aid allows Spain to support ArcelorMittal in its plans to decarbonize its steel production operations. will contribute to Greening the large consumption sector in the field of energy, in line with our commitment to transition towards a zero-emissions economy. At the same time, the measure ensures that competition in the single market is not unduly distorted,” stressed Margrethe Vestiger, Executive Vice President of Competition Policy.

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