Bruce Springsteen dominates Barcelona and cements the power of rock and roll

After the media show, the tables of the “VIPs” in the restaurants and the influence of the “celebrities”, the artist’s intimate dialogue with each of the attendees remains, an exercise that is still possible, even though we are talking about the immensity of the Olympic stadium. The moment of truth has come and Bruce Springsteen He addressed his people the way he knew bestwhich captures the essence of post-rock and roll, with its legendary repertoire and golden camaraderie with the E Street Band and Proverb words in Catalan.

opening night of the European leg of the ‘Tour 2023’, The sun’s rays still caress Montjuïc (with “nearly 60,000 people,” according to Doctor Music) When the musicians entered the scene at 8:58 p.m., they were greeted one by one with ritual applause. the mythical “one, two, three” precedes “no surrender”, The intrusion and infiltration of the message of emotional resistance. “Hello, Barcelona, ​​Catalonia! ”. Without a break, quotes from the album ‘Letter to you’ (title track, with lyrics translated in Catalan on screens, and ‘Ghosts’), evocative of fallen friends, intertwined with” ‘Prove It All Night’, ‘Prove it all night’ and ‘Promised Land’, clouds of smoke with a harmonica solo at the end.

The cathedral has grown

roar bros, Extracting old energy and drawing a youthful smile In contact with the front rows of fire, dotted with support banners. Bruce with his back well covered, pumped by that A biological miracle called Max Weinberg. Basilica foundations by Roy Bittan and bass guitars for “Miami” Steve Van Zandt and Nils Lofgren, assembling the solid architecture of an E Street Band (amplified with choirs and brass, and without Patti Cialva … until the encore time).

It was him First stadium gig on ‘Tour 2023’, and the first in this format since 2016, the feeling was that Springsteen was coming home, to the ‘royalty-sized’ idea of ​​rock and roll as a language that still thrills crowds. perhaps a session for all audiences, But boldly: the electrifying whirlwind of ‘Candyrum’, Pearl’s ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ (1978), and the singular quotes from their distant (and unforgettable) second album (1973), ‘Kitty Returns’ and ‘E Street shuffle’, Showcasing the young Bruce’s mix of styleswith its swing rhythms, “funky” guitar and jazzy metal.

Script changes

ammunition Few concerts left for the last American tourAnd, as highlights, we should highlight the replay of “The Human Touch” (a theme from his betrayal days with “E streeters”), with double the weight of the guitars, and the recollection of his tribute album to Pete Seeger with “Pay me,” with its New Orleans vibe. . From his latest cover album, Only Nightshift, by Commodores, dropped out Contributing psychological accents associated with the spirit of “stating Mary”. “Showman” Bruce, stop the show on the folk sound “oe, oe, oe & mldr; & rdquor; and the estadio takes the food out of his hand.

And the earnest, in-depth Bruce picks up the acoustic guitar to tell the true story that inspired “The Last Man Stand.” The song is about “a vell amic,” he explains, turning to English to evoke George Theis, partner in his first band, The Castiles, when he was between the ages of 15 and 17. “The greatest adventure of my young life& rdquo;. Theiss died in 2018, leaving Springsteen the sole survivor of the group. A little loquacious thinking: “When you’re 15, it’s all ‘hello’ and ‘tomorrow,'” and As the years went by, everything became more like ‘goodbye’ and ‘yesterday’ & rdquor;.

Backing vocals for Michelle Obama

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Opposite The last extension of the central group, entering the formations, the album “Born to run” (1975) took over. After a thousand and one debates, is it Springsteen’s final unbeatable work? It is possible, and they were there, The first “Back Streets” and “It’s the Only One”.‘, then ‘Road of Thunder’, the title track and ‘Tenth Avenue Freezes Up’ to arm ourselves with reasons. Making the Ball Bigger,because of the night‘, the piece the chief was kind enough to give to his friend Patti Smith, ‘Badlands’, and ‘Born in the United StatesWith a voice already a little punishing.

Springsteen has come to see us many times, but this time, seven years after the previous one and with some global disaster on the way, the visit Offers added sentimental value, embraces safe value, joint vibration kicked off on Friday at the Estadi. So it was until the last breath of “The Show”, in the hit “Glory Days” with extended choruses: Patti Scialva, finally added to the “Band” with Michelle Obama And wife of Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw. And “Bobby Jean” sings for friendship, and “Dancing in the Dark” keeps the party going like there’s no tomorrow, like the boss doesn’t care. We expect another demanding session this Sunday.

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