‘Brothers: More Than Just Friends’ hits the box office: a homophobic issue?

on paper, Brothers: more than friends He got many endorsements to become one of the movie hits of the year. Its producer is Judd Apatow, one of the illustrious names of current American comedy; director’s filmography, Nicholas Stollerincludes funny movies just like a step from you (2008) and Neighbor’s curse (2014); Co-starring and co-writing, along with Stoller, have both been commissioned and co-written. Billy EichnerEmerging talent and apparent head of humor Like me in the United States.

On its way through the Toronto Film Festival in early September, the film garnered rave reviews from critics and earned an inclusion on the magazine’s list of the 70 best comedy films of the 21st century. rolling rock; Before that, the promotional mechanism had already elevated it to the category of social and cultural phenomenon by cataloging it as “The first gay romantic comedy film produced by a major studio” and “the first Hollywood movie made entirely by actors belonging to the LGTBI group”. And if that had not made clear its importance, displaying the kind of arrogance attributed to him by both his critics and many of his followers, Eichner emphasized on the pages of diverse In what two brothers It’s not an independent cinema or ‘one of those disposables that you see in it flow” Overall, he spent weeks insisting that he was gay movie “different from” – Another way to say “better than” – others.

The film was a huge box office hit in its first weekend on the US billboard, just a month ago: It grossed $4.8 million, 40 percent less than the most pessimistic forecast, and that failure undoubtedly sets its premiere in the rest of the world. . Here he was no less, and after his release on Friday, does not appear in top ten From the box office ranking.

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“Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Heterosexual audiences, especially in certain parts of the country, have not appeared to see two brothers” Eichner said horrified on Twitter. “Anyone who isn’t Waco homophobia” You should watch the movie, the comedian added. His messages were immediately repeated by Twitter users of various sexual orientations. Some accused him of being a “narcissism” Assuming “the movie is going to be popular just because it’s gay” and Many read in his words a very dangerous conclusion: who does not see two brothers He’s a homophobe.

The Triumph of Homosexuality

To dismantle Eichner’s arguments, it is sufficient to mention all The gay-themed fairy tales that triumphed at the box office In the past three decadesPhiladelphia (1993), cage of cockroaches (ninety-nine and ninety-six), Brokeback Mountain (2005), imitation game (2014), bohemian rhapsody (2018), rocket man (2019) – and understand that the summation of numbers for two brothers They showed that a large portion of the LGTBI audience – few suspected of being anti-gay – didn’t go to see it either.

There are arguments that explain this lack of help in a more convincing way. distribution two brothersinput, Lacks the familiar face type Necessary for any movie that is not an action movie or a horror movie to succeed nowadays. s Likewise, romantic comedies have been transformed into the world of streaming platforms. flow; Hardly anyone bothered to take it up on the big screen. In this respect, it is tempting to fall into cynicism and supposition, in the same way that the legalization of same-sex marriage spread throughout the West once the institution lost its importance to heterosexuals, Hollywood has agreed to produce a romantic comedy now that the genre has declined.

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But perhaps the main problem is that the marketing strategy of two brothers It gave far more importance to its supposed historical and cultural significance than to its value as an entertainment product, implying that the film’s pedigree ensured its ability to elicit laughter and excitement. In this sense, it is possible that Atmosphere of interest Which Eichner shared in his statements contributed to the dissolution of the spectators of a film in which he was the protagonist. Probably one of the most unreliable ways to persuade someone to go to the movies is to force them to feel that their morals and moral cleanliness depend on it.

Finally, we must remember that one of the objectives of two brothers It is to demonstrate the need not to betray one’s principles and identity in order to please others. And the dialogue that Eichner co-wrote for the film includes the following sentence: “Gay sex was more fun when it made gays uncomfortable.”. Perhaps I should have considered it before I set Twitter on fire.

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