Break the zipper of your coat | The simple trick to fix a damaged zipper on your clothes with a fork

Something has happened to all of us, either due to excessive force or due to the fact that it has already been worn for a while, we have stayed with Zipper slider on hand. When this happens we usually give away lost clothes, or if they are new, try to change the zippers. But with this trick it will not be necessary anymore.

The only thing you will need is fork and right away a few secondsthe problem will be solved.

The technique of re-inserting the slider or closing the zipper is very simple. Place the cursor between Thistle spines. Once in this position, grab the edges of the zipper tape and slide it through the slider, slowly and without forcing, to prevent it from tripping. This will return the cursor to the scroll path. Zipper teeth.

If the zipper is stuck it may be because Lacks lubrication Or what Pick up some cloth. In the event that the holder is unable to rise or fall due to the need to lubricate the mechanism, the repair is very simple, all you need to do is apply a product with a lubricating effect on the teeth so that it glides well.

When the failure is due to the fact that the fabric next to the zipper is trapped, what you need to do is, Very cautiousPull the zipper in one direction and the fabric in the opposite direction.

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