Brazil’s Supreme Court orders roads to open as Bolsonaro continues without showing

president Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) from BrazilAlexandre de Moraes, had on Monday ordered the «Instant road disinfection“Before the blockade caused by Bolsonaro-linked truck drivers protesting the election result, the Federal Highway Police (PRF) was fined 100,000 reais (about €19.5) for each hour that the cuts lasted.

Moares noted on Monday that PRF “It did not fulfill its constitutional and legal mission” and indicated that failure to comply with this order could lead to the dismissal or even arrest of the director of the authority, Sylvini Vasques.

TSE established a penalty for Basque 100,000 riyals for every hour that passes without the strikes already affecting 22 states, according to “O Globo.” The fine is effective from 00.00 hours (local time). Additionally, he urged Moares to identify the truck owners so they could later penalize them with the same amount.

Person in charge of Electoral CourtHe has included videos as evidence in which EPRDF agents can be seen telling the protesters that they had no intention of disturbing them. In addition, someone says that the only order received is to stay in place with supporters BolsonaroAfter that, he won great acclaim, according to the Brazilian press.

“that the Federal Highway Police and the Military Police of the State concerned, within the scope of their powers, immediately take all necessary and sufficient measures, at the discretion of the competent authorities of the Federal and State Executive Powers, immediately and urge the removal of obstructions from all public roads which have unduly impeded their functioning legal.”

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136 tracks crossed

The protests have already crossed 136 roads in the country, which also sparked the rejection of the National Transport Union and the electoral deputy attorney general, Paul Junitwho described the protests asundemocraticMotivated by the simple disagreement with the outcome.

Monday afternoon, Public Prosecution The Brazilian gave a 24 hour period to PRF’s general manager, Silveni Vasques, so he could explain how he would act “to ensure that the flow is maintained in Federal highways‘, as well as the full list of the sieges that took place on Monday.

Likewise, the Attorney General requested information from the Public Prosecution Office of each of the affected states on the measures adopted to “investigate a possible omission or facilitation” by EPF agents of these checkpoints.

Bolsonaro still does not appear

In the second round of the presidential election held on Sunday, Lola da Silva Elected president, as of January 2023 he will return to the position he left in 2010. The Labor Party (PT) leader won two million more votes, 50.9 percent of them, than his opponent, Jair Bolsonarowho did not admit defeat after more than half a day.

A majority of members of the Supreme Federal Court (STF, for its Portuguese acronym) confirmed Moraes’ decision on Tuesday. After learning of the matter, Chief Justice Rosa Weber called an extraordinary plenary session in virtual mode at 0:00 a.m. this Tuesday. In less than half an hour, six justices had already voted, confirming the decision.

Ministers Luis Roberto Barroso, Edson Fashion, Gilmar Mendes, Carmen LuciaIn addition to Rosa herself, she was in favor of Moraes’ decision. Half an hour later, Carmen Lucia and Dias Toffoli also cast their votes, according to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

The blockade and tension extend to the border with Paraguay, where the influx of gas stations increases in fear of the supply.

The blockade reached the border with Paraguay, where there were moments of tension during which shots were fired into the air on Monday. border in Matthew Grosso South, according to the newspaper ‘ABC Color’.

A blocked driver pulled out his gun and fired several shots into the air, causing panic scenes. The security forces began detention This man, a lawyer by profession, who argued that he never endangered anyone’s physical integrity. Fearing a possible fuel shortage in the border areas, the influx of gas stations in the area has also increased.

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