Boxer Ibany Bridges vows to show her breasts to Leeds United if she makes a save

OnlyFans model and boxer Ebanie BridgesPresentation to employees Leeds United, the team he admires, until they try to fight for redemption in a more powerful way. She has said that she will show her breasts to all players if they can avoid being relegated to the tournament.

a team Sam Allardyce He is the second after the last, two points of salvation, and he has only one day left. Bridges, a fan of the team since she was young, wants to do her part in the cause and try to avoid a harsh relegation for her club.

Guys, if they stay up, show your boobshe told talkSPORT Live. “I’ll go into the locker room, pull up my shirt and show my boobs or something.”He ended up saying it, though he later classified his words, also including the fan.

I will accept you, no matter what. Whatever it is, I’m going to give you a free OnlyFans subscription. Please don’t let me down LeedsThese remarks clearly resonated among fans who can’t stop commenting on Twitter: “I said what I said. Let’s go to Leeds,” Bridges wrote in his last Twitter post with a link to a news item where they discussed this.

What does Leeds United need to save themselves?

The bad thing about Bridges, the players and all the Leeds fans is that they don’t stand for themselves. They need to beat Tottenham on the last day, and Everton should not do that against Bournemouth.

Very complicated thing, because Cherry doesn’t play anything. Although the spurs are not. Yorkshire was led by American coach Jesse Marsh, but poor results saw “Big” Sam Allardyce take the reins of the club, although he failed to improve results. Of course, once he arrived, he confirmed that he is better than Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

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