Borneo local police save the life of a child who was not breathing

Once again, the local police in Borneo were instrumental in saving a new life; On this occasion a child of about two years old. It happened on Monday night, when the girl’s parents stormed the police station with the girl in her arms because she could not breathe. Thanks to the work of the agents, who perform basic first aid maneuvers on her, they are able to deliver the baby You will react

Since there was no ambulance available at the time and once again checking that the little girl was out of air, the staff urgently transported her with her parents to the health center, while someone continued to perform first aid maneuvers on her. On the way, the girl managed to expel the secretions that prevented her from breathing.

Upon arrival at the health center, she was treated at the patient treatment center and was later transferred to the Álvaro Conquero Hospital in Vigo, although she went home yesterday, where she is still recovering.

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