Boris Johnson submits his resignation as a member of the British Parliament

Former Prime Minister L United kingdomBoris Johnson It was announced on Friday Resignation as deputy From the Conservative Party in the British Parliament, thus ending his political career, which was marked by scandal Illegal parties were held in Downing Street During the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is very sad to leave Parliament, at least for the time being, but above all I am amazed and Terrified that he might be firedIn his resignation letter, Johnson said, as reported by the BBC:

The illegal parties scandal, known as “Partygate”, ended up accelerating Johnson’s resignation on September 6, 2021amid pressure from his colleagues in the face of the vilification the Conservative Party was gaining over this and other scandals under his tenure.

The parliamentary committee, led by Labor Harriet Harman, investigated how Johnson Knowingly lied about holidays in the House of Commons. The body discussed the possibility of his exclusion as MP for the constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in north-west London.

Hours before the news spread, British media published the official list of Johnson’s candidates for the honorary title, which is another scandal that adds to Johnson’s career, as many of the names that appear in the document are officials in his stage as “Prime Minister” who participated in illegal parties. Known as “Partygate”.

Specifically, Johnson nominated as his former chief private secretary Martin Reynolds as a jockey, as well as former communications chief Jack Doyle, two people known to have been partying in the midst of the country’s health crisis caused by the pandemic.

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Likewise, the former “Prime Minister” asserted that the conservative majority is “clearly endangered”. “We should not be afraid of having an overtly conservative government,” he noted, in a thinly veiled reference to current chief executive Rishi Sunak.

“We need to show how we get the most out of Brexit. In the coming months we must set an agenda supportive of growth and investment, with cuts in business and personal taxes, but not as an electoral gimmick.”

In his letter, Johnson said he was “proud” of his time at the helm of Downing Street, citing, among other achievements, the speed of the Covid-19 vaccination regime, as well as the implementation of Brexit and the UK’s role in the Ukraine war.

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