Boris Johnson proposes to his father’s knight

The “List of Honorable Resignations” is the series of names that the British Prime Minister can put up after leaving office, and the King is required to bestow peerages or other honors on the persons he nominates. And precisely in the name given by Boris Johnson, the name of his father appears, Stanley, to whom the former prime minister, who left Downing Street in July last year, suggested that he be given a knighthood. This was revealed by The Times on Monday, which details that the list is much longer than its predecessors, since Theresa May was 60and the David Cameron 62while Johnson is about a hundred.

Cameron was already controversial in 2016, including party donors, to many of his advisors Even his wife’s hairdresser, and Lord Brough, chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, exclaimed that that list should have been the last.

Johnson, who must be reviewed and signed off by the Honors Committee in the Cabinet Office, also includes the nomination of four MPs, which is inconsistent as they should not in theory be part of the House of Lords and the House of Commons at the same time. And while the power to reject nominations ultimately rests with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, this could pose a political problem. Also for Johnson, who could jeopardize a virtual return.

Stanley Johnson refused to comment on his candidacy to the British press, and his son’s spokesman only said that They won’t get stuckBut on the street and in the newspapers, the issue is on the table. And it is that Stanley, the patriarch of the Johnson clan, is a controversial figure.

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Controversial personality

Caroline Knox, the Tory MP, is one of the women he accuses of touching them inappropriately, and according to Tom Power’s biography of Boris, Stanley broke his wife Charlotte Wah’s nose during a fight in the 1980s. the 1970s, an event that Stanley, according to the book, said he “deeply regrets.”

to 82 years old and Turkish rootsSome people call him the British Donald Trump, not only because of his physical resemblance but also because of his provocative attitude and desire for attention. He is a mainstay in his children’s lives, although he is noted for being an absentee father during his childhood and for quarreling with his son Boris over the Brexit referendum. Stanley Johnson ended up supporting him, though not before he became a French citizen.

An economist by training, he has worked for the European Parliament and the World Bank, but in recent years he has been more recognized its environmental activity and for animal rights, topics on which he has written books and even received the Greenpeace Award for Distinguished Service to the Environment. In 2015 he published the novel The Virus, a thriller about a deadly pandemic caused by a virus.

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