Boris Johnson is out of the race to succeed Truss as Prime Minister

The battle to succeed Liz Truss as Conservative Party leader and president UK government He reached a crucial initial stage, with the official announcement of the nominations and the result of the first round of parliamentary bloc voting. Former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, whose leadership choice failed in September in the final pulse with the hard-liners decided by Truss, yesterday confirmed on Twitter his re-entry into the ring. Penny Mordaunt, the current speaker of the House of Commons, had already announced her willingness to take part in the process. In the queue of extremists stood Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But, late on a Sunday, Boris “Red” announced his resignation from the race to regain power.

Close friends of the former prime minister had insisted they were determined to compete in the process, whose first term ends today at 2:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. on the peninsula). Candidates must by then have at least one hundred support among the conservative parliamentary group. And out of a total of 357 “Conservatives” in the House of Commons, Less than 60 deputies publicly declared their support by the former president, although his relatives assert that he has crossed the agreed threshold. Johnson shouldn’t take everything with him.

Last night, the former Treasury Secretary, Sunak, for his part added more than 140 support. On the other hand, Mordaunt did not exceed 25 deputies.

The speaker now in the House of Commons, Mordaunt, is being promoted as the only candidate capable of uniting the divided party, restoring formation stability and restoring financial markets’ confidence in the country’s economy. Make him know it He turned down an offer from Johnson Cooperate in the next government and avoid prolonging the electoral process. Various media outlets agreed that the candidate reinforced her negative response by suggesting that her parliamentary support would choose Sunak over the resigning “Prime Minister”.

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Johnson’s Legacy

Johnson divided the Parliamentary Group in his two years at the helm of the executive branch and the divisions remain open. About 50 lawmakers have resigned from their cabinet in the face of a torrent of scandals, whether it’s illegal parties in Downing Street during the pandemic or protections from sexual assault and suspected fraud, and some may boycott their return to power. “Boris will be a disaster,” Steve Baker, Minister of State for Northern Ireland and former head of the hardline faction of Conservatives in Europe, told Sky News.

He’s not the only ‘Brexiter’ who has tried to prevent Johnson, his wife Carrie and their two young children from returning to their Downing Street apartment, which the couple initially repaired with a controversial financial contribution from a ‘conservative’ donor. Lord (David) Frost, who was entrusted by the former Prime Minister with the EU Withdrawal Treaty negotiations, and other former collaborators openly supported Sunak.

Up to three candidates are allowed under the revised leadership process rules, which seek to speed up the selection of a second Conservative prime minister in less than four months without calling a general election. Each applicant must have the support of at least 100 of the 357 seats in the House of Commons. If more than two candidates exceed the threshold, the first vote and . will be taken The person making fewer backups will be eliminated. It won’t happen like this anymore. Now that the options have been reduced to two options, a ‘Option Vote’ will take place where the loser will have the opportunity to withdraw and award the victory to their opponent. If no candidate surrenders, the party’s estimated 170,000 associates will decide the outcome of the confrontation electronically. In this scenario, Sunak appears to have a clear advantage over Mordaunt.

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