Book Day 2023 | The eight most impressive libraries in the world

  • World Book Day is an ideal occasion to get close to the best libraries in the world, temples of reading and authentic knowledge

“The library is the place that waits,” said Argentine poet Roberto Juarez. eve World Book Daywhich will be held this Sunday April 23rd All over Spain to commemorate the deaths of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Garcilaso de la Vega, what better time Get close to these sacred places to read Who patiently await their visitors.

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During these days, there are an infinite number of activities and events covering Spanish cities with the aim of promoting literary reading and discussion; In addition to connecting Cervantes Prize 2022who will this happen Monday 24th Aprilin an act held in the auditorium of the University of Alcalá de Henares and presided over by the King and Queen of Spain.

However, libraries are always there, A timeless haven for books and their readers. So, let’s celebrate this World Book Day 2023 by taking a tour of the coolest bookstores in the world. Whether it’s ancient ruins or minimalist modern spaces, they all represent originality Museums for reading and learning.

The coolest libraries in the world

It is the first university library in Europe Salamanca Historical Public Library was discovered in 1254 By King Alfonso X the Wise. Its rooms, through which figures from the height of Miguel de Unamuno or Fray Luis de Leon, passed the house More than 60,000 ancient volumes of immeasurable value. The current appearance is the result of many changes throughout its history, notably the Great Reformation of 1509.

Library of the Monastery of Escorial

The library, like the monastery itself, was ordered to be built by the king Philip II with a goal Collect and treasure as many books as possible, in line with the humanistic philosophy of the moment. The first collection, for the composition of which many thinkers of the time had a collaboration, contained not only books, but also portraits, maps, scientific instruments, engravings, coins, and medals.

Trinity College Library

Located in the heart of Dublinnext to Trinity CollegeIt is one of the most famous libraries in the world. It was built in 1529 In an old monastery and More than 3 million manuscripts Fill the shelves of noble oak wood. of between it “Book of Kellsan important medieval work by eighth-century monks that combines the four Gospels with exquisite illustrations and illumination.

The British Library is not particularly distinguished in terms of the architecture and aesthetics of the building, but in terms of presence The largest in the world Thanks to More than 170 million documents It contains inside. Located behind St Pancras Station, Original Jewel Homes Like the Magna Carta of 1215, Original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, manuscripts Shakespeare Or a singular version of “Beowulf,” a work translated by Tolkien.

Stuttgart City Library

The first modern library on the list, an architectural marvel done by the Korean artist yoon yoongi In the form of a cubic building with nine floors above ground level, plus two more floors below. It was opened in 2011 and, since then, has become one of the reference public spaces in Germany and at the European level. It also has no exaggeration A collection of 1.37 million books in more than 100 languages and a space designed for the collaboration and enjoyment of all visitors.

Danish Royal Library

the Danish Royal Library It has a long history behind it since it was founded in the eighteenth century. seventeenth. However, its fame comes from the newest building (of the four that make it up) in the complex, a 1999 construction called “black diamondWith a black marble and glass front. It is located near Christiansborg Palace and overlooks the Kristianshaven Canal, and its walls contain a modern style More than 250,000 works.

The famous heiress Alexandria Libraryone of The largest centers of spreading knowledge in ancient times Which disappeared in a fateful fire in the first century BC New Alexandria Library It was opened in 2002 in the same place (Egypt) as a tribute. Besides the collection of works and the Museum of Antiquities, the library stands out for the building itself, which is a full-blown building Memories of ancient EgyptLike the hieroglyphs on its facade, and its structure that represents the Egyptian sun or the statues of the pharaohs from the outside.

United States Library of Congress

the United States Library of Congresswhich has more than 147 million documents, one of the main symbols of the American capital, Washington DC. It is divided into three spaces, the Thomas Jefferson Building, the John Adams Building and the James Madison Building, and houses one of the largest cultural collections in the world. It was built in 1800 Among its many remains are several Stradivarius instruments, a draft of the Declaration of Independence and one of Gutenberg’s four surviving Bibles in excellent condition.

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