Book Day 2023 | Amazon Top 5 Best Sellers: Ana Obregon leads the way

  • These are the five best-selling books on Amazon on the eve of World Book Day 2023

This Sunday, April 23, is celebrated throughout Spain as Day World Book Day 2023an initiative promoted by UNESCO with the aim of Promoting the reading and publishing industry among the population. The date chosen for this event, 23 April, responds to the fact that the same date from 1616 is, supposedly, Cervantes, Shakespeare and the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega are dead.

During these days, there are an infinite number of activities and events covering Spanish cities with the aim of promoting reading and literary discussion; In addition to connecting Cervantes Prize 2022who will this happen Monday 24th Aprilin an act held in the auditorium of the University of Alcalá de Henares and presided over by the King and Queen of Spain.

The five bestselling books on Amazon

“The boy with the shrew”

1. Ana Obregon and Alice Lecchio. Harper Collins. 20.80 euros

The boy with the shrew’ is the book that Ana Obregon began writing for her son, Alice, when he was diagnosed with cancer, and after his death, the actress decided to end with a heartbreaking and poignant testament, “With full respect to the original version of Alice.”

How (not) write our history

2. Elizabeth Benavent. addition. 18.90 euros

After selling 4 million books in 10 years, Elisabeth Benavente has finished a cycle called How (not) to Write Our History, her 24th novel, in which she pays tribute to the writing profession and the romantic genre, where it reigns: It is considered that there are literary genres of the second order.

Offspring Habits: Small Changes, Extraordinary Results

3. James Clear. planet. 17.05 euros

“We often think that to change our lives we should consider making big changes. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to renowned habits expert James Clear, real change comes from hundreds of small decisions: do a push-up a day, get up five minutes earlier, or make a call short phone.

How to make good things happen to you

4. Marian Rojas Estep. espasa. 18.90 euros

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“By uniting scientific, psychological, and humanistic viewpoints, the author offers us a deep reflection, full of helpful advice and a notable teaching assignment, about applying our abilities in the effort to have a full and happy life.”

“Crystal Cuckoo”

5. Javier Castillo. addition. 19.85 euros

Javier Castillo’s most anticipated return: “Cora Merlo, a first-year resident, suffers a sudden heart attack that forces her to have a heart transplant. Still recovering, the young woman receives a visit from a strange woman with a mysterious offer: to spend a few days in Stillville, a small inner-city , to learn about the life of her son Charles, her heart donor.

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