Bonus (U2) | The Bono Confessions: From the IRA’s Aim to Shouting at George W. Bush

The humble Bono, proud of his accomplishments, but ready to take his slips, some of them quite amazing, reveals himself in Give up (Tank Books), Huge Memoirs Which saw the light this Tuesday all over the world (Wednesday in its Spanish version). We review five main episodes of the biography.

Losing a mother at age 14

In his growing phase, the sudden death of his mother, Eris, from an aneurysm, when he was just 14 years old, has a devastating logical effect. The law of silence is enforced at home from now on: “We avoided the pain we knew would come by thinking and talking about it.” Four decades later, the topic has been devoted Eris (carry me close). His sudden absence led to a rock ‘n’ roll expression matching anger. Bono explains that the void of that person he believed in ended up being filled by his girlfriend Ali, whom he started dating the same week he joined U2, in 1976. They’re still together 46 years (and four kids) after that.

Threatened by the Irish Republican Army

Bono hopes that one day the two parts of Ireland will be united, but is strong in his judgment of the “The militants & rdquo; of I will do“who did not have a majority in favor of the north or south of the border” “Not even among the beleaguered Catholic minority in Ulster’and they decided who lived and who died”. He admits he was “frustrated” for the “kidnapping” of Irish identity by the “republican movement”. And he reveals that the British intelligence service warned him about that He and his wife were kidnapping targets. Jerry Adams, the historical head of Sinn Féin, declared these days that he doesn’t know it.

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The leader, not the director

Bono presents himself as U2’s spokesperson – the agitator – the strategist, though her musical mastery turns her on to his group partners. “A real rock and roll band isn’t led by the singer; he may lead it, but he doesn’t direct it. Appreciation. This role seems to be more compatible with the edge, whom he met while trying to play a complex guitar solo from Yes. But, in U2, even the drummer can be the helmsman: let’s remember Sunday, Bloody Sundaywith his laps equal to a countryside From the guitar Bono exudes humility when he presents himself as just another artifact. “I’m a quarter of an artist without The Edge, Adam and Larry’ asserts, and going a little further, he says: “I only succeed when I cooperate”.

“Mea culpa” to play with Apple

Distribution of a new U2 album (innocence songs2014) Free on all Apple devices: Great idea or suicide? It was like leaving a bottle of milk on the doorstep of every house in the neighborhood, venturing Bono. What can go wrong? But he soon discovered that “some like to use their own milk” and that “others are lactose intolerant”. I reject U2’s plans to control their brains. “I accept all responsibility” mea culpa” Fits in, making it clear that neither his bandmates nor his new manager, Jay Osiri (Madonna, who replaced veteran Paul McGuinness), had nothing to do with the initiative.

Tension in the White House

In the final part of the book, the music fades and the activist Bono, who boasts of his appointments with world leaders and that he has made commitments on things like Cancellation of third world debt. He knows about the cartoons of all this (Bob Geldof recalls throwing coins at him in the street after Live Aid, he recalls), but feels called on according to higher principles: “Anger wasn’t enough; we had to organize ourselves and get answers to tough questions & rdquor; he reflects after recalling how his visits to Malawi and South Africa, countries affected by AIDS, radicalized his positions. During his meeting with Bush at the White House, he lost his temper, and said, “Sorry for interrupting you, but I don’t give speeches just because I like hearing my voice.”.

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