“Bombs” in the UEFA Youth League: knock out Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City

Europe continues to resist Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. Not just the Champions League. Also the UEFA Youth League. Current champions of the Premier League and Ligue 1 They will not be able to select “miniChampions” in this tournament either.Both added a new “KO”.

Let’s go in chronological order. The first to say goodbye, in the Round of 16, were City. The team is led by Brian Barry Murphy Lost in his visit to Split Hajduk (2-1).

Brajkovic I took advantage of a false start by goalkeeper Murray Jones To overcome your obstacles in 24 minutes. Mate Arnautovic “Dancing” on Katongo In an unusual personal move to rebounding distances at 33 minutes. Oscar Pope cut the gap at 45 minutes, Just before the break, he finishes the “pass of death” from Carlos Borges with a cross.

But the youth of the city could not change the outcome. Moreover, he ended up playing with 10 due to Finley Burns being sent off in the 84th minute.

Paris Saint-Germain, With Ethan Mbappe at the start, he lost on penalties After a draw with Borussia Dortmund (1-1) At the end of 90 minutes. There was no extension.

Noha Lamina put PSG ahead on 39 minutes with some luck. He finished, with erratic fits, a pass behind Hosni, who won the last score on the left.

‘BVB’ equalized almost immediately, in the 41st minute, through Samuel Bamba. Complete the “10” awesome individual slalom. Bodiang left Wolamy behind and scored from a superb cross.

Paris Saint-Germain, like City, finished with 10 due to the dismissal of Monto wa Mongo on 79 minutes. Luck was elusive from the penalty spot. ‘BVB’ and PSG completed their first four kicks without fouling, But Hosni failed the fifth and final.

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curiously, Borussia Dortmund and Hajduk Split“executors” Paris Saint-Germain and City, They will meet in the quarter-finals of the Youth League.

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