Bolsonaro’s aide’s cell phone contained documents exposing the coup attempt

phone Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Sidwho was a very close aide to then-President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), had letters and documents revealing some kind of plot to give coup In Brazil, today, Thursday, revealed the magazine “Veja”.

The files were mentioned in a 66-page report by the Federal Police Intelligence Directorate on the cell phone of the Army officer the magazine reported had access to.

Its revelation comes nearly half a year after the failed coup attempt in Brasilia on January 8, when Bolsonaro followers destroyed the headquarters of the three powers in an attempt to oust Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from power.

It was the army Stopped at the beginning of May for his alleged involvement in a scheme that appears to be Fake vaccination certificates against COVID-19At that time the device was seized by court order.

According to “Vega”, one of the documents found on the cell phone indicates the presence of soldiers and followers in the circle close to the former president conspiring to Attempt to cancel the result of the presidential election October last year, in which Lula won with 51% of the vote, against 49% that Bolsonaro got.

The alleged plan sought to remove Supreme Court justices and put the country under military rule.

According to the magazine, the plan is based on a “controversial thesis” according to which the military could be “called in to mediate a conflict between the powers.”

The publication adds that the argument to be made for this mediation is that Bolsonaro’s defeat was caused by “unconstitutional decisions made during the election campaign by the court’s judges,” who at the time also made up the Supreme Electoral Council. court.

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“It is understood that the set of facts described will be able to prove not only an offensive action by the judiciary but also the abuse practiced by the largest Brazilian media conglomerates, in a way that directly affects the voter and the outcome of the elections in favor of a particular candidate,” reads one of the documents on Officer’s mobile phone.

The magazine also revealed that another text cited the premise of declaring a state of siege, a measure that the Brazilian constitution provides for only in extreme cases.

Because of the coup attempt on January 8, the authorities came to arrest about 2,000 people, but for now only Fewer than 300 remain in prison The rest are waiting for the operation freely, although various precautionary measures have been taken.

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