Bolsonaro is asking for a “fair trial” before starting a process that could disqualify him

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro asked last Wednesday “fair trial”, one day before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) begins a process that could make him president The first former President of Brazil is not eligible Politically, if it is found that it committed an abuse of power by attacking the electoral system.

He declared, “I ask God first, and then the judges, in particular Alexandre de Moraes and (Bendetto) Gonçalves, of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ), a court recognized and respected by all of us, to give a fair trial.” Bolsonaro in an interview with CNN Brazil.

Thus, he asserted, what “happens” to him, is “happening in Nicaragua, where (Daniel) Ortega oppresses political rights and even imprisons his opponents.” This is what Bolivia did not long ago. Janine Anez, when Evo Morales reconstituted, they decided to put her in jail on charges that she attacked democracy. That’s what they want to do to me.”

Bolsonaro referred to Bolivian opposition member Jeanine Anez, who has been imprisoned since March 2021 over the case known as the ‘Coup I’ for her involvement in the political crisis that caused Morales to give up his electoral victory in 2019, amid denunciations of alleged electoral fraud and a violent crisis, with Protests from both sides, police riots and pressure from the military.

As the former Brazilian president considered, TSE has made a mountain out of a grain of sand, since then “He hardly talked about how the electoral system workedwithout mentioning word scam», when he summoned a large group of foreign diplomats to the Palace of Planalto to convince them of the insecurity of the country’s electoral system.

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“I invited the ambassadors, about 60 ambassadors or their representatives attended, and I talked about the Brazilian electoral system, how it is in practice. I commented on the investigation of 2018 that started and did not end on possible fraud. This is what happened.”

He also explained that two months ago, Federal Supreme Court Justice Edson Fashin also met dozens of ambassadors with whom he spoke about the elections. “So the criticisms and possible remarks were not an attack, it was the response I gave to Judge Fashin,” he asserted.

The scenario of his removal from the political arena for the next eight years, just in time for the 2030 presidential elections, is being contemplated by Bolsonaro himself, who has since tried to downplay the significance of this meeting, in which, among other things, lies were unleashed. About electronic ballot boxes.

In addition to Thursday, the seven justices who make up the court will hold two more sessions, on June 27 and 29, to reach an agreement. However, behind the scenes there is a fear that someone, especially Cassio Nunes Marquez – appointed by Bolsonaro – will ask for more time to analyze the case.

In such a case, the vote within the TSE would be postponed for another 30 days, but as it was on vacation when the deadline expired, the next meeting would not take place until August 22. However, another 30-day extension can be requested, but it will already require the approval of the President of the Court, Alexandre de Morais.

Despite the fact that he was successful on this occasion, the scenario that Bolsonaro faces him is not encouraging, as TSE has in its drawers 16 other lawsuits against him that could see him disqualified, such as those denouncing the creation of a network of disinformation against their rivals, or Abuse of political and economic power to distribute social support programs in the campaign.

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There are also three other actions investigating whether he used the December 7, 2022 military parades in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to celebrate the bicentenary of Brazil’s independence for electoral purposes. Outside the Supreme Electoral Court, there is a Supreme Court investigation of its alleged intellectual responsibility in its followers’ attacks on institutions on January 8, 2023.

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